Developing an Invaluable Pipeline of Diverse Executive Talent

NEW Cincinnati Co-Chair Amy Eskoff Garrett, Vice President, Sales for Beauty, Health and Grooming at Procter & Gamble, with P&G attendees at the Network of Executive Women (NEW) Celebrating Excellence Awards Gala in Orlando, Florida, September 2016.

Photo provided by the Network of Executive Women

If you want something done, ask a busy person, the saying goes. Especially if that person happens to be Amy Eskoff Garrett, Vice President, Sales for Beauty, Health and Grooming at Procter & Gamble.

Eskoff Garrett was one of 27 honorees at LEADTribune Media Group’s 2016 Women of Influence luncheon in November. The annual event honors the region’s leading women who have helped shape the success of their organizations, demonstrated exceptional leadership and professional achievement, and have made continuous, invaluable contributions to their workplace and community.

Eskoff Garrett’s continuing contribution is due, in part, to her service to the community as co-chair of Network of Executive Women (NEW) Cincinnati, an organization that has helped thousands of consumer-based product and retail professionals learn leadership and diversity skills.

“In addition to her demanding job at Procter & Gamble, she has been the driving force behind NEW Cincinnati, one of our most dynamic groups,” says NEW regional activities chair Marla Thompson, senior vice president of partnerships for Angie’s List. “This group has done so many things so well, it has earned our NEW Region of the Year award twice, the only one of our 20 groups to do so.” 

NEW Cincinnati was established in 2007 and Eskoff Garrett has served as the region’s co-chair for the past four years. She helped start the innovative NEW Regional Leaders Forum two years ago, bringing executives from across the industry to P&G Global Headquarters in Cincinnati in 2015. 

“Under her leadership, NEW Cincinnati has delivered like a rock star, selling out 18 consecutive learning and networking events in Cincinnati and reaching thousands of executives – women and men – in our region,” Thompson says.

Highly respected for driving a diverse, nurturing and constantly learning culture, Eskoff Garrett says it’s simply the way she was raised.

“When I was growing up, I was exposed to so many different people and activities. My parents always said – the more experiences you have, the more often you get into adverse situations, the more you land on your feet because you learn to pull experience from so many different people and circumstances. I have also just focused on being the best I can be with whatever opportunities I have been given.”

P&G North America Group President Carolyn Tastad hails Eskoff Garrett as a true woman of influence. “We’re grateful to Amy for everything she does for us at P&G as well as how she impacts our broader community through her leadership, diversity and mentoring work.”

Mindy Sherwood, Vice President, Global Walmart Leader, P&G, describes Eskoff Garrett as “a living, breathing example of someone who turns to whatever organization she is involved in, spots the potential, invests in the potential, and then pulls those women and men up into the organization.” Other peers say she never gives up, always strives to do her best, and never forgets to bring other women along with her as she blazes successful business trails.

“Every time I go into a new role, I learn as much as I can. I operate like a sponge,” says Eskoff Garrett. “I enjoy constantly learning and growing. I believe by having a learning mindset it allows you to be open to change and enables you to always be relevant. My father always said, ‘Never stop learning because once you stop learning, the world will pass you by.’ ”

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be in the consumer products industry, due to the digital revolution that is transforming the marketplace, she says. “Data and technology are changing the game on how we engage with the shopper and the consumer. There is such an opportunity to be more personal, and one-to-one, with the consumer by leveraging technology. It is a great time to be in the CPG Industry.

“I have a huge passion for working with others, making connections, being inclusive and solving problems together – doing the things people thought could not be done,” she adds. “That’s the magic. That’s what I love about the work I do.” She is committed to diversity within a business or organization because a diverse organization will outperform a homogenous organization every single time.

“As a leader, that is extremely important because you are looking for people to contribute uniquely, to make the best decisions possible,” Eskoff Garrett says. “It’s best, as a leader, to not be comfortable if everyone around you looks, acts and talks like you – it can limit your thinking to what is possible. I feel that, as a leader, I need to create an environment in which people feel comfortable providing their unique point of view. When people do not feel limited or constrained it is amazing what can be accomplished.”

Eskoff Garrett is also a firm believer in creating a nurturing environment because it is about the power of team work and creating a culture of transparency with the ability to fail fast but win big. “My job is to make you shine, to reach your potential, to enable you to soar,” she says. “It’s about figuring out how to unleash the people in your organization to deliver breakthrough results.”

Monica Turner, vice president of Club, HEO Channel, P&G, and NEW board member, characterizes Eskoff Garrett as an outstanding leader with a passion for people and a penchant for leadership. “Over her vast career at P&G, she has made an incredible impact leading many top businesses and creating a legacy of developing a pipeline of talent,” says Turner. “Amy has been a true pioneer in leading the way for women at P&G and within the CPG industry. Her role as co-chair of one of the largest NEW regions has won numerous awards and is a key catalyst in delivering the organization’s mission to enable a ‘workplace with no limits.’ ” 

For Eskoff Garrett, it’s the power of women supporting women that she has treasured most throughout her 26 years with P&G. 

“The women I am surrounded by at P&G are pillars of unwavering support,” Eskoff Garrett concludes. “And that relationship is more than incredibly powerful, it’s priceless.”


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