Design, Customize, then Relax

Photo by Jon Keeling


As a realtor, Chris Crowley not only sells beautiful homes for clients, but for years he and his husband, Bill Barnett, have rehabbed, then sold houses throughout Greater Cincinnati.

“We have always wanted a pool, but in all of the houses we’ve seen there’s never been a pool that we’ve loved so much that we were willing to deal with the house that came with it,” says Crowley.

This summer, Crowley was able to finally get the pool they have wanted – by designing it with the team at the Pool & Spa Warehouse. Crowley purchased an adjoining vacant lot and began searching for pool companies.

“Before we decided on Pool & Spa Warehouse, we met with five or six different companies,” he says. “But none of the companies were able to customize the plan to get it how we wanted. At one of the big box stores here in town, I left immediately after they handed me a brochure saying ‘Please choose from A, B or C.’ ”

Some of the customizations include cantilevered coping and four waterfalls.

“When we met with Pool & Spa Warehouse, we bounced ideas off each other,” says Crowley. “One idea they brought us that we were thrilled with was the placement of the pool. Other companies wanted to put it in the middle of the yard, but Pool & Spa suggested connecting it to our deck.

“The Pool & Spa Warehouse also filed all of the permits with the city for us where other companies wanted us to do that ourselves. They also managed the landscape contractor and the person who built our pool house. It couldn’t have been easier.”

After relaxing in the pool most evenings after work and using it to entertain friends on the weekends this summer, Crowley has nothing but praise for Pool & Spa Warehouse.

“They have been fantastic to work with – from our main contact to everyone at the office. If I was to sell this house and get another one, I would definitely call Pool & Spa and start the process all over again.”

The Pool & Spa Warehouse is located at 10731 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241. For more information, call 513.554.0000 or visit