Demonstrate, Fascinate and Educate

Headphones from entry level to the most technically advanced in the world are available in various styles.

Photography by Gary Baker


Hanson Audio Video’s new retail showroom in Montgomery has been carefully designed to provide an exciting and dramatic experience that will WOW you. But beyond that, the intent is education through demonstration.

Advances in technology for video and audio entertainment and home automation are popular topics in news and lifestyle articles recently. Reading about these advances and the features they provide is not sufficient to drive home the relevance and pleasure that these advances can bring to you and your family, enriching the living space in every area of your home.


Ads and articles raise a healthy skepticism. Is there value for me in home automation? Is a media room or home theatre so much better than the big screen TV in my family room? Spend a short time at Hanson Audio Video’s showroom and that skepticism fades, replaced with thoughts like, “I’ve got to get my spouse to see this.”

The first impression may be the layout. Here is a home setting, not a big box sales floor. Each room is outfitted with quality furniture, comfort, beauty and durability that adds to the entertainment ambiance of that space. Noticeably missing are black box controllers and other hardware found on, under or next to many entertainment centers. Each setting is designed around quality products you would be proud to have in your home.

You control your showroom experience. Once inside, there is so much to see and hear. You set the pace – no intimidating sell, just knowledgeable answers to your questions at the ready. Imagine what you see and hear as part of your living space.

Showroom settings will help you see what is possible in home automation and entertainment. You will experience security, convenience, style and the ability to direct the mood, atmosphere and frame of mind for activities throughout your home.

An exploded view of the PHANTOM showing the internal components of this revolutionary high-end wireless speaker.

Hanson’s primary objective is to demonstrate what is possible and to help you select the optimum solutions for your home. With your budget in mind, Hanson will offer products from good, better, best and ultimate options. Once you have seen what is possible, Hanson’s engineers can visit your home for a free consultation to see how to enrich your family room, kitchen, den, patio and other living spaces.

Hanson’s solutions go far beyond components. Hanson provides furniture, lighting, blinds and window treatments, installation and support. These features enhance the finest video and audio products, both inside and outside your home.

Highly skilled engineers with years of experience in audio, video, automation and networking applications are the backbone of Hanson’s support team for product selection, installation and ongoing support.

Visit the new Hanson A.V. retail showroom in Montgomery. Let Hanson demonstrate the remarkable enhancements you can make to your home. 


Hanson Audio Video is located at 10800 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242 and in Dayton at 3140 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH 45429. For more information, call 513.563.0444, email or visit