Deaconess Foundation Awards 10 Students $51,000 in Nursing Scholarships

Deaconess Foundation has awarded 10 scholarships totaling $51,000 to area students pursuing nursing and healthcare education degrees. From left are: Lauren Walsh and Rewa Banks of Xavier University; Monika Hawkins of Northern Kentucky University; Tony Woods, chairman of the Deaconess Foundation; Taylor Spiering of NKU; and Evonne Stephenson, Ann Gieler and Mahogany Kincaid of University of Cincinnati. Not pictured are Madison Melnick and Lindsey Fossitt of NKU and Kayla Warpenburg of UC. (Photo Provided)

Submitted by Melinda Zemper

Deaconess Foundation has made it easier for 10 greater Cincinnati area students to pay for their nursing and advanced healthcare education degrees.

            The foundation awarded scholarships totaling $51,000 at a May 7 ceremony and reception co-hosted by Deaconess and Interact for Change, a subsidiary of Interact for Health. Interact for Change works with individuals, families and private foundations to achieve measurable results through charitable giving.

            “Investing in these outstanding students helps ensure the future health of our community,” said Tony Woods, chairman of Deaconess Foundation. “We’re proud to support these exceptional students at the beginning of their careers.”


            Deaconess has provided the scholarships for the last five years. More than $325,000 in scholarships have been awarded, said foundation development director Diane Decker.

            The students were chosen for their academic performance, professional aspirations, compassionate caregiving, employment background, financial need and professor recommendations.

             Awardees and their scholarship categories are:

            The Deaconess Foundation Advanced Practice Nursing Scholarships ($7,500) went to Rewa Banks of Xavier University and Evonne Stephenson of University of Cincinnati (UC). The scholarship is for students enrolled in accredited masters or doctorate nursing programs;

            Deaconess Foundation Nursing Scholarship ($5,000) recipients are: Taylor Spiering, Lindsey Fossitt and Madison Melnick of NKU; Kayla Warpenburg of UC; and Lauren Walsh of Xavier University. The scholarship is for students enrolled in a nursing bachelor’s degree program.

            Deaconess Foundation Allied Health Scholarships ($5,000) went to Mahogany Kincaid (Master of Social Work) and Anne Gieler (Dental Hygiene), both of UC.

            The Deaconess School of Nursing Alumnae Scholarship ($1,000) for a student enrolled in an accredited associate or baccalaureate nursing program went to Monika Hawkins of NKU.

            Deaconess has provided healthcare services in Cincinnati since 1888. The Deaconess Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Deaconess Associations, Inc., providing healthcare access and education to the at-risk population.

             Since 2012, the Deaconess Foundation has awarded more than $10 million to community organizations that deliver healthcare improvements through its Deaconess Health Check clinics and its support of health educational programs, including Heimlich Maneuver training with the Deaconess Heimlich Heroes Program.

            In 2017, the foundation invested more than $1.4 million in grants to improve community health, including its 12 Deaconess Health Check clinics located throughout greater Cincinnati. The Health Checks provide care in homeless shelters, substance abuse treatment facilities, children’s homes, and schools.

            For more information about Deaconess Foundation programs and initiatives, visit or contact Decker at (513) 559-2111.