David is Running

Catie Viox


David Corfman is a runner. It’s important that you know that. From his first marathon in 1996 to winning the Potawatomi 200-mile trail race in 2017, David has built a track record of accomplishment and perseverance.

Today, David Corfman is running to win a seat as Trustee of West Chester Township.

He is running to support the people of West Chester Township and to improve and promote the quality of life, and to achieve the growth and full potential of the township. David will bring a laser focus to local township issues. He will not be distracted by personal, political ambition at the state or federal level.

A 27-year resident of West Chester, David is an accomplished, recognized professional with 30 years’ experience in information technology and project management. Working locally at a global manufacturing firm, David has a vision for the growth potential of the township at the center of the greater Cincinnati Dayton metropolitan region. He will promote a closer working relationship between the Board of Trustees and the Lakota School District. West Chester will benefit to the extent they work together.

“We are deeply dependent on Lakota to attract new residents and produce a well-equipped workforce, just as Lakota is dependent on West Chester for our sizable tax base,” David says.

A graduate of the West Chester Citizens Police Academy, David knows what the police and other emergency services do for the community. As a current member of the Academy’s Alumni Board of Directors, David is prepared to work to support the police, fire and emergency services departments to make sure they have what they need to keep the township’s residents and businesses safe.

David’s commitment to the community backs his desire to see it continue to grow in number, drawing strength from diversity, becoming a vibrant, inclusive environment for raising families and educating students and promoting the health and well being of all. Running for trustee, David intends to appeal to Republicans, Democrats and Independents – a Trustee for all the people, rejecting the narrow, exclusionary Tea Party agenda.

You will find him literally running through all 44 of the township precincts promoting health, recreation and beautification, seeking state and federal funding for bike paths and improvements of township landscape.

David is looking forward to rigorous debate to emphasize his focus on local issues and sole commitment to the people of West Chester Township while his competition views the trusteeship as one step up the ladder of political ambitions.

David is running. Running for all the right reasons.