DIY Flowers with a Personal Touch

Photo by The Flowerman

Flowers are a wedding staple worldwide, signifying various cultures and traditions. The Flowerman puts a twist on the floral concept by offering a unique option: the Do-It-Yourself experience. 

The Flowerman is a full-service florist that offers custom design work, full-design weddings and – a popular option – DIY weddings. 

“We give brides what they want and on their budget,” says Steve Smith, owner of The Flowerman. “Everyone enjoys the experience no matter the size of their wedding.”   

Smith started his business 32 years ago, operating from farmers markets and his garage. The Flowerman blossomed into a booming business with two spacious event planning locations in Dayton and Columbus. 

With The Flowerman, customization is up to the bride. Fresh flowers, guidance from experienced designers and a large workstation help make DIY assembly a breeze. 

Zero commission and no minimum price are further declarations of the dedication The Flowerman has for clients. Full-service design, DIY or a combination of the two make planning a wedding what it should be: fun and meaningful.

“There’s a barn-raising mentality going on right now,” says Smith. “Everyone wants to have something to get their hands on, accomplish it and help each other along the way.”


The Flowerman Dayton is located at 70A Westpark Road, Dayton, OH 45459. For more information, call 937.433.8610 or visit

The Flowerman Columbus is located at 761 Busch Court, Columbus, OH 43229. For more information, call 614.935.5832 or visit