Curls Bring a Refreshing Wave of Confidence to Fashion

Andie Bernard, left, loves the smooth look while Brandie Mahaffey, senior stylist at Tanya’s Image & Wellness Salon, embraces her curls.

Photo by Tracy Doyle


Gen Xers dominate the business world and their focus is on the work being done – many want more freedom and flexibility in their professional fashion. 

Whether a woman wants to wear her curls naturally or tame them, the stylists at Tanya’s Image & Wellness Salon are the region’s curl experts. Chante Scaife of Indianapolis soon learned this when she stopped straightening and embraced her natural curl. Her research led her to Tanya’s Image & Wellness Salon. Scaife needed someone she could trust to help her with a new look and curl regimen. Samantha Maloney at Tanya’s worked with her, using the DevaCurl cut and product line. “After one visit, I knew she was who I was looking for,” says Scaife, “It’s worth the drive.” 

Her experience at Tanya’s inspired a series of YouTube videos that show the transition of her hair back to its natural curl. Owner Tanya Tieman says this level of enthusiasm is not uncommon. “People seek out the salon because our team is known for their love of curl and their experience with it.” 

Tieman liked it so much that eight years ago she went on a global search to find the best cutting techniques, products and treatments to train her stylists to become experts. Today, the DevaCurl technique is a key attraction of the salon. 

“We pride ourselves with taming the frizz, highlighting the bounce of the curl and helping clients enjoy the relaxed and je ne sais quoi look of their natural wave,” Tieman says.

The cut techniques are where it begins. Cutting and styling curly hair requires a very different system and to the novice stylist, the expertise required can be intimidating. Years ago, Tieman had the Devachan salon in New York City, the founders of DevaCurl, train her entire styling team. The specialized training has continued and has positioned Tanya’s as the area’s curly hair experts.

 “We have learned the best styling techniques to make your curls perfect,” says Tieman. At Tanya’s Image & Wellness Salon, curly hair is actually cut using a signature dry-cutting technique. If you’re debating the curly side of life, then now is definitely the time to learn how to manage them.

The Smoother Side 

Some clients have been managing their curl since birth. “I’ve just had enough,” says Andie Bernard. “I loved my curl for most of my life but now I’m in a new phase and prefer a smoother blow-out.” 

Tanya’s offers options from the traditional Keratin smoothing treatments that help dry your hair in half the time while keeping the frizz out, to a glycolic treatment for those that want some bounce in their hair.

 “We have a full array of treatments for those who want to tame their curls and wear a smooth, frizz-free look,” says Tieman. She says she loves the new Moroccan Oil Smoothing lotion for a second-day blow-out. “I apply it on my own dry hair and it revives my blow-out and makes my hair look great.” 

The ever important blow-out is a staple of the salon. Busy clients like Bernard come into the salon weekly for a blow-out that lasts the entire week. Tanya’s takes the stress out of styling curly or smooth hair. Tanya’s has a long list of stylists at price points starting at $26 to $70.

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