Creating the Backdrop for Christmas Memories

Photography by Daniel Smyth

A winter home decorated for the holidays evokes thoughts of family and friends gathered around a dinner table keeping warm from the snowfall. It’s not too early to start planning your home’s holiday décor for this season’s set of new memories.

Beau Bolce, owner of Quince & Quinn, predicts this year’s holiday trend will be simple pine wreaths and garlands accented by natural alpine objects like antlers and fur.

“This is opposed to the idea of Christmas decorations that focus on material elements such as zany elves and toys,” says Bolce. “Decorate as if one is in a beautiful outdoor setting.”

Taking something old and fashioning it as something new is a great way to honor tradition and keep your holiday budget trim.

“Felt and patchwork décor create an ambiance from the mid-century that the baby boomers grew up with,” says Bolce. “Some items may have faded and aged a bit, but they are well loved and make the season fun.

“You can freshen tired decorations with new ribbon or artificial floral elements and berries. Instead of hanging your wreath in the same place year after year, think about using it as a centerpiece at your holiday table.”

And holiday lighting isn’t just for the Christmas tree.

“Votive candles are an essential part of the Christmas season. You can never have too many,” says John Hinger, Quince & Quinn’s creative director. “Also consider candlelit lanterns set on tables.”

Decorating for the holidays should also extend to wrapping gifts.

“You can impress your friends with gifts accented in fresh greenery clipped from your own yard,” says Bolce. “Not only will it look great, but it will smell great, too.”

Maybe the most important part of holiday decorations is the people doing the decorating.

“Get the whole family involved and give children an area to decorate as they see fit,” says Hinger. “It will give them a sense of ownership of the holiday and fuel their creative souls. Professionals or the homeowner can decorate the important areas of the house the way they like and everyone wins.

“However, be prepared to pick up a few new ideas from the kids.”

Quince & Quinn is located at 3066 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45209. For more information, call 513.321.3343.