Contemporary Style, Traditional Service

E200 from Ekornes.

Photography provided by Bova


While the sleek, contemporary furnishings are eye catching, one of the first things many customers notice when entering the BOVA store in Deerfield Township might be a pack of four friendly Golden Retrievers. The dogs are part of the Mangat family and part of what makes BOVA a true family operation.

Praddy Mangat and his sister Roony Mangat own one of only five US franchises of the Denmark-based furniture store. Praddy says both the store and the Cincinnati market have changed in tandem over the past 32 years. In the beginning, the store offered ready-to-assemble furniture that often appealed to a clientele looking for a specific Scandinavian style popular in the mid ‘80s. These days, the offerings at BOVA are still stylish and contemporary, but incorporate more distinct designs and luxury materials like high grade leather.

“People come in for that distinctness,” he says. “This is a refreshing look, something different from traditional furniture that can be heavy or bulky.” The BOVA style is modern, bright and can be an ideal fit for today’s trend toward smaller homes. As Praddy puts it, it’s a “less is more” concept.

Despite the evolution toward a higher-end catalog, BOVA still strives to offer its customers a good value through its direct relationship with suppliers. “We buy as a group with the other BOVA franchises,” Praddy explains. “So we get better pricing for volume, and we also have exclusivity on suppliers, which means not everyone can carry what we have.” Since BOVA has only five stores nationwide, local clients can find unique, exclusive items.

In addition to its iconic furniture offerings, BOVA also offers a large selection of unique accessories including rugs, lighting, pictures, glass and ceramic art pieces, tabletop accessories, candle holders and many other items that can be gifted or used to accessorize. Lighting, especially, is a big focus at the store, which carries both lamps and overhead light fixtures that help to elevate and enhance rooms with a modern touch.

Praddy says most BOVA clients are repeat customers, many of whom have been coming to the store since it opened in 1985, and many others are referred by this happy base of returning clients. Again, it’s about relationships. The staff is small; there are just two salespeople, both highly knowledgeable about every product in the store and dedicated to helping customers find the best pieces for their specific home. BOVA employees have even been known to visit a client’s home to get a firsthand feel for the space while helping with the decision-making process.

Those Golden Retrievers pitch in, too, especially when families with kids come by to have a look around. “They are a great distraction sometimes,” Praddy says. “Mom and dad can shop while the kids are busy with the dogs.” 

BOVA is located at 12130 Royal Point Drive across from Kings Auto Mall. Hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday. For more information, visit