Episcopal Retirement Services to Continue Additional Renovations


When Charles Lee established Marjorie P. Lee (MPL) in 1963, he fulfilled his wife’s dying wish: to create a home-like environment where older adults would receive quality care and live with freedom, choice and purpose. Every decade or so, Episcopal Retirement Services (ERS) substantially renovates the community that bears Mrs. Lee’s name with this mission – and current or future market demands – in mind. 


The sixth MPL master plan is now entering its second half. The completed changes have been more than well received by residents and staff. “It has been incredible! They’re blown out of the water!” Laura Lamb, ERS President and CEO, says of the reaction from those who have viewed the new spaces. And the changes still to come are equally exciting, she adds.


More Privacy, Fresh Spaces

The first floor of Shaw Building has been converted from assisted living to rehabilitation space, featuring more private, spacious suites. Therapy space has doubled overall and the traditional nursing home rooms are gone. “When you’re recovering from a hip fracture or you’ve been in the hospital and you need more care before you return home, typically you want private accommodations so you can spend time healing and feeling better,” Lamb says.

Second-floor rooms in Shaw are now dedicated to residents who need skilled, around-the-clock nursing care. Again, these renovated rooms are private and large, with views of residential Shaw Avenue or the garden and grounds. The lobby and shared living areas have been updated to be more conducive to visiting with family or simply having a cup of coffee or reading the paper.

Other changes include fully accessible bathrooms, complete with sliding ‘barn-style’ doors to eliminate space constrictions and hazards of swinging doors; updated laminate flooring; functional and convenient cabinetry; and flat-screen televisions. The campus Wi-Fi has been upgraded to pump out a strong signal throughout
the property.


Reconfigured for Greater Freedom

ERS believes that seniors should have more choices in their daily lives. These renovations have removed some staff space and given it back to residents, further advancing this person-centered care philosophy, Lamb explains. Dining and activity spaces are now separate, and multiple lounges invite residents to watch TV, play cards, or visit with family and friends wherever they like.


Person-Centered Atmosphere

With an environment that encourages choice comes greater opportunity for residents to take part in what is now more like a household. ERS strives to foster individuality. “We encourage residents to retain their purpose while they are here,” Lamb says. “Patients and residents are encouraged to be part of their care and the life of MPL.” Such engagement may include watering the plants, delivering mail or checking up on their neighbors, she adds. When the MPL campus renovations are complete next year, the environment will be more comfortable and feel more like home for all residents.


Brick-and-Mortar Align With Care

Charles Lee took pride in the fact that Marjorie P. Lee was a state-of-the-art community, not just in Cincinnati but in this region, Lamb continues. He had a vision of what he wanted and he took great effort to achieve that from the outset.

“As I look at the outcome of the sixth master plan and the space that we are opening, I can say that we are absolutely state-of-the-art for today’s time and the residents we serve…it’s really fun to make sure that we, as staff of ERS, are advancing Charles Lee’s vision,” Lamb says. Quality care remains a standard, but now the community will enjoy what she deems “the whole package.”


Episcopal Retirement Services (ERS) is located at 3870 Virginia Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45227. For more information about Marjorie P. Lee or other ERS senior living communities, call 513.271.9610 or visit www.episcopalretirement.com