Clarity with Compassion

Photography by Catie Viox


He discovered the joy of casting a weightless lure with a weighted line during a fellowship with the Center for Facial Appearances in Salt Lake City, Utah. Standing in the current of glistening rivers, Pargament found another way of expressing his passion for mixing technique and touch with technology and the right tools. As a member of the talented team at the Cincinnati Eye Institute (CEI), Pargament wades into cases every day where this same mixture leaves pleased patients in his wake.


Initially, he was focused on pursuing emergency medicine while working as a medic in Michigan and Jerusalem. As he earned a medical degree and completed his ophthalmology residency at the University of Cincinnati, Pargament found an appealing and rewarding blend of art and science.


“Ophthalmology really spoke to me, seeing that you could perform effective and relatively quick procedures that significantly improved the quality of people’s lives. I was drawn to being able to provide profound changes,” Pargament recalls.


The combination of ophthalmology and cosmetic surgery, and how both impact his patients, inspired Pargament. “You can enhance a patient’s peripheral vision by lifting their lids or brows and there’s the aesthetic component to it as well. You’re able to help people look and feel better about themselves.” 


He is grateful to be back in Ohio where both he and his wife grew up, as well as joining the highly esteemed practice at the Cincinnati Eye Institute. In addition to endoscopic brow lifts, upper and lower lid adjustments, and tear drain surgery, Pargament also performs orbital reconstructive surgery. Bringing with him a breadth of knowledge and significant experience with cosmetic eyelid surgery, Pargament enjoys gleaning new insights as well as having access to upper tier technologies.


“My other oculoplastic colleagues have very effective techniques that I’m learning from. Because of CEI’s size, there are tools that are available to me, like our CO2 laser, that can benefit patients who are cosmetically inclined. I also have an outstanding support team of aestheticians and administrative staff who enable me to focus on my patients’ well being.” 


Whether it’s a planned procedure or an unfortunate accident, Pargament relishes the opportunity to make a difference. “I saw a 4-year-old girl who fractured her eye socket and part of her eye muscle got stuck in the fracture. As a result, she was unable to move her eye up, which was causing constant double vision. We brought her in that next morning and she was seeing perfectly the next day.”


Pargament recently returned from Iceland, where he went fly fishing with his father. They were happy to land some Arctic char, a cousin of salmon and lake trout. As he and his wife eagerly await the arrival of their first child, Pargament is poised and prepared to experience new adventures both personally and professionally.


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