City Fusion: A Weeklong Performance Arts Workshop Festival

Workshops include, Sketch Comedy Writing taught by Kevin Crowley; Theatre Piece Creation, taught by Michael Burnham; Musical Improvisation taught by Mike Descoteaux and Songwriting taught by Chuck Cleaver and Lisa Walker of Cincinnati’s Wussy.

Photography provided by City Fusion

WHO: City Fusion is a week long festival of performance workshops that will join artists and experienced instructors from Cincinnati and partner cities to share resources and to intentionally cross promote the unique offerings that each city provides. With the mission to offer educational opportunities through the use of theatre, music, and other live performance techniques, City Fusion will culminate in a live performance on Saturday April 30 at The Monastery in Walnut Hills.

WHAT: Workshops include Songwriting, taught by the leaders of one of America's best bands, Chuck Cleaver and Lisa Walker of Cincinnati’s Wussy; Sketch Comedy Writing taught by award winning playwright, film and television actor, and former cast member of Chicago's Second City, Kevin Crowley; Theatre Piece Creation, taught by Professor Emeritus of Dramatic Art at University Of Cincinnati's CCM, Michael Burnham; and Musical Improvisation (no singing experience required) led by the Artistic Director of Improv Boston, former Music Director and teacher at Chicago's Second City, Mike Descoteaux.

WHEN: Saturday April 23- Saturday April 30. All information, enrollment, times, dates and

WHERE: The Monastery Walnut Hills and WNKU (Songwriting Workshop Sat April 23).

REGISTER: Can be purchased at Workshops offered at a special introductory fee: $25 per class. This includes the option for students to perform live on Saturday, April 30th at The Monastery Studio (sketch writing students will have their work read live by professional actors from The Clifton Players).