Celebrating Three Decades of Flipping the Furniture Industry’s Status Quo


Thirty years ago, Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams joined forces to form a fashion-forward brand that would disrupt the traditional furniture industry. Gold, a former furniture buyer at Bloomingdales, and Williams, former art director at Seventeen Magazine, shared the belief that comfort and creativity have the power to change lives.

From the moment Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams introduced their first furniture line, they were breaking barriers. By offering lifetime warranties on products and delivering within 30 days, the luxury home brand raised the bar for the entire industry with regard to customer satisfaction.

The brand also introduced bold fabrics on upholstered dining chairs, as well as prewashed denim and khaki sofas – which no other company was doing. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams made high fashion design while keeping comfort a top priority. And that was just the beginning.

“We’ve never been afraid to push the boundaries and take creative risks,” President of Design Bob Williams says.

After three decades of flipping the furniture industry’s status quo, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is celebrating by releasing a new Les Petite Seats Collection in their Spring 2019 Collection. The six-chair collection includes swivel, accent, barrel-back and slipper chairs in bold colors, fabrics and textures, fitting many personal aesthetics and home styles.

In addition, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams partnered with John Candle Homes to create an eclectic French-style home for Cincinnati’s 2019 Homearama. The home features an open-concept dining room and kitchen, as well as a detailed library, media room and children’s playroom.

The client’s modern aesthetic matched with the brand’s furniture and décor – over 90 percent of the interior was created with Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams products. Jaclyn Dunn, lead interior designer, drew inspiration from her travels abroad.

“In Paris, you see wonderfully detailed wall moldings dating back hundreds of years partnered with modern furnishings,” Dunn says. “It was wonderful to create a design aesthetic of traditional paired with modern to create something transitional and fresh.”


Bob Williams + Mitchell Gold is located at 5901 E. Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236. For more information, call 513.826.0070 or visit www.mgbwhome.com.