Celebrating 25 Years of Artistic Design

Photography provided by Art Design Consultants

“We are true matchmakers,” says Litsa Spanos, founder and president of Art Design Consultants (ADC). “We bring together people who love art and the artists who love making it.” 

ADC will celebrate its 25th anniversary this fall, a milestone that marks more than two decades of remarkable growth for Spanos and her team. It is hard to envision the humble beginnings of this nationally renowned business upon entering its gleaming, 10,000-square-foot gallery and headquarters, but it’s true: ADC started in 1992. Spanos had no staff and only two clients. Today, ADC is a trusted partner for personal collectors, Fortune 500 businesses and acclaimed artists from all over the country. After connecting those first clients with carefully matched artwork, Spanos’ company ranks in the top 2 percent of all woman-owned businesses in the country.

It is remarkable that ADC has remained so accessible to a wide range of art collectors and emerging artists. ADC handles elite clients with deft expertise, but Spanos stresses that each client matters. 

“We do it all,” she says. “It’s entire buildings sometimes, law firms and hospitals, but it’s also the private collector who wants to enhance their collection. It’s new clients and also it’s the excitement of finding something new for clients we’ve had for many years.” 

Those clients keep coming back because ADC is more than show. Clients visit the gallery and come away inspired by the carefully curated collection of paintings, prints, figurative art, pottery and glass pieces representing a vast array of genres. Then Spanos and her team do the legwork that goes into matching that inspiration to artwork that best fits a given space. 

“For a corporate client, it can be a multi-faceted process,” she says. “We will review and meet with designers, review floor plans, discuss the company’s brand and dissect what it is about their image that they want to project. We will pull all that together with art so that it ties in with their brand.” 

ADC’s model places a great deal of value on the artists who create all that artwork as well. Spanos says working artists who are often in the studio don’t tend to seek people to buy their work. “We do that every day on behalf of those artists. In fact, one of my missions is to eliminate the old cliché of ‘starving artist’ because my goal and my company’s goal is to create commerce for artists.”

She says ADC reaches out to the artist community in several ways, perhaps most prominently through the annual Art Comes Alive juried competition at ADC. Artists from across the nation compete for spots in this prestigious contest that brings in professionals in the art industry who are seeking new artists to serve as jurors. Corporate sponsors commit to buying art, and the program has been so successful that many pieces are sold before the exposition even begins. Spanos says the 2016 show had 50 presales.  

Artists seek partnerships with ADC through other channels, as well. The company’s catalog, Blink, and website showcase available artwork and Spanos is working on a book, “Supercharge Your Art Career,” set to be published in early 2017. She says it will target artists who want to be successful in business while doing what they love, with sections on marketing, sales, social media and inspiring success stories. 

The ADC space itself has become a prominent locale for special occasion rentals, serving as an event space for institutions like the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Ballet, Cincinnati Opera and for private events like weddings and corporate events.

“It’s just a very inspirational place,” says Spanos. “People walk in and don’t want to leave. It’s simply a great space to showcase art and we love to share that inspiration whenever we can.” 

Art Design Consultants is located at 310 Culvert Street, Fifth Floor, Cincinnati, OH 45202. For more information, call 513.723.1222 or visit adcfinearts.com.