Celebrating 20 Years of Family-Owned Hospitality

Photography Provided by Manor House


After 20 years in business, the Manor House is the perfect host for Greater Cincinnati events. With a standard of excellence, the family-owned business is a part of The Knot’s “Hall of Fame” and has received numerous other awards.

“We keep perfecting what we are doing and try to stay with the times,” says Kathy Kinane, who owns and operates Manor House with her husband, Bill. “We can’t ever get complacent… we are always looking for what we can be doing that we’re not doing.” 

Since its start with one building, Manor House has added several buildings to offer a wide variety of venues including gardens, a gazebo, an atrium and a courtyard.

It is these options that contribute to the success of the venue. Kinane discussed how the Manor House caters to any event with an added convenience of everything in one place, which is particularly beneficial for weddings. But any occasion – anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, retirement parties, baby showers, proms, fundraisers – is special when held at Manor House. “We pretty much do any type of thing where you want to gather a group of people together.”

Kinane attributes much of the success to the facility’s employees. “We have a great staff, and we could never pull all this off without them.” Kinane praised specific staff members who have been with the Manor House for more than 15 years and how they care about it as much as she does. 

Manor House also does a lot to help the community: donating to events, participating in school programs or loaning supplies. “We do what we can … we are a great community, and everyone does things for each other,” Kinane says.

Running their own business with particular care has proved not only successful, but also rewarding for the Kinanes. Kathy, who often works from home, says that Bill, who is on-site every day, “loves getting up every morning to go to work because it doesn’t feel like work.” For the Kinanes, Manor House is “fun work.” 

“What’s different about us than a lot of other venues is that we own it. We are physically there and we care,” Kinane says. She emphasizes the difference when a customer deals directly with the owner rather than a manager. “If we can improve, we want to hear it.”

Ultimately, Kinane says that the Manor House strives to make the customer’s experience “perfect.” “We do a lot of great events that are such a special day in people’s lives, and when someone sends us a review and says, ‘It’s everything I wanted it to be,’ that’s really rewarding.”


Manor House is located at 7440 Mason Montgomery Road, Mason, OH 45040. For more information, call 513.459.0177 or visit www.manorhouseohio.com.