Catalyst Visits Cincinnati for the First Time

More than 2,500 leaders who love the church will gather in Cincinnati April 21-22 for the first annual Catalyst Cincinnati event -- two days of intense, practical and courageous teaching that inspires change among today's society. The event will be held at Crossroads Church (Oakley) located at 3500 Madison Road. 

Boasting a variety of fresh voices and thought leaders, this year's event engages and inspires leaders to think beyond the bounds of ordinary existence and to awaken wonder in their lives and the world around them. This year's theme Awaken the Wonder, challenges leaders to view their responsibilities in a way that creates a lens through which others can see their current reality while carrying a vision for the future. Just as the wonder of the world points to God and His presence in our lives, so too should the actions of leaders bridge the gap between what is and the drem of what could be. 

"Catalyst is an event that everyone can walk away from with valuable insight into the world around them," said Tyler Reagin, executive director. "We are excited to be in Cincinnati for the first time this year and hope people leave with a vision for the impact they can have in this city and beyond. Wonder opens our eyes to the potential we fail to see when looking through the lens of ordinary." 

Catalyst is recognized as one of the largest gatherings of Christian leaders in America and brings together groups and individuals from nearly all denominations and more than 5,000 churches and faith-based organizations across America. 

Attendees and others can stay engaged through the interactive Catalyst App, which is available for download on iTunes or Google Play. As a primary source of content for leaders who love the church, the Catalyst App includes interactive discussions, informative updates and fun activities to enhance the live event experience. It also hosts exclusive updates and access to content from Catalyst 365 days a year. 

In Cincinnati, an eclectic mix of visionaries, leadership experts and passionate young leaders will take to the Catalyst stage. These dynamic voices encourage leaders to open their leaders to open their eyes to wonder, risk the monumental tasks and endeavor toward lasting change. 

Speakers at Catalyst Cincinnati include: 
    - Senior Pastor of North Point Ministries and author of "Deep and Wide," Andy Stanley 
    - Founders of the A21 Campaign and the Propel movement, author of "Unstoppable," Christine Caine
    - Best-selling author and founder of StoryLine, Donald Miller
    - Lead Pastor of Crossroads and author, "Free Book" and "Welcome to the Revolution," Brian Tome
    - Award-winning hip-hop recording artist and author of "The Good Life," Trip Lee
    - Author of "Illuminate" and "Principle of Duarte Design," Nancy Duarte  
    - Author of "Wonderstruck" and "Fight Back With Joy," Margaret Feinberg
    - Evangelist and teaching pastor of Trinity Church Dallas, Robert Madu
    - Renowned photographer and founder of Help Portrait and See University, Jeremy Cowart
    - Chief Strategist of Dave Ramsey Solutions and author of "Retire Inspired," Chris Hogan
    - Master Illusionist and Storyteller, Harris III
    - Musical guests include renowned worship group Passion Group of Passion City Church and the Nashville-based band, Colony House

For more information and to register for upcoming Catalyst Cincinnati, visit Anyone wishing to learn more can talk to a Catalyst Concierge at 888.334.6569, and people can engage with Catalyst via Facebook, Twitter, the Catalyst blog and by tuning into the Catalyst podcast. 

About Catalyst: Formed in 1999 as a Next Generation Leaders Conference by Andy Stanley, Reggie Joiner, John Maxwell, Lanny Donoho and several young leaders, Catalyst exists as an opportunity to pour into leaders who love the church. Each year, more than 100,000 leaders connect with each other and the Catalyst movement through events, resources, online community and social media. 

Over the last 17 years, Catalyst has grown in influence and reach, now offering annual events on the East and West coasts, regional One Day events, multiple resources, an app a weekly podcast and many other tools for leaders.