Red212: Focusing on Solutions, Not Ads

Anne Chambers, founder of Red212

Photo by Wes Battoclette

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Being an entrepreneur is no easy task. As Aileron founder Clay Mathile says, entrepreneurs put “their capital at risk” to “create jobs for others,” which deserves to be honored. Those that reached out to Aileron for guidance to help their organizations grow did so to create a better future for themselves, their organizations, and their communities. 

The following honoree shared her story in order to pay it forward, just as Mathile did with Aileron.

“It takes a lot of courage to reach out for help and then to extend a hand to help someone else, but that is what we are here for,” says Kelly McCracken, director of client relations. "We appreciate business owners who are willing to join us in this endeavor.”



Anne Chambers founded Red212 in 2001 with one mission in mind: to help brands grow by inspiring consumer engagement. By carrying out that mission and creating a culture where employees can thrive, Chambers and her agency believe that “business can be a powerful force for the good of the world.” 

Chambers became CEO of Red212 after working for more than a decade at Procter & Gamble. Today, the woman-owned agency creates marketing communications focused on female consumers and develops strategic marketing communications for Fortune 500 brands across all “consumer touch points.”

The agency utilizes various tools for brand strategy and consumer insight. They use innovative approaches in creative development and production; television, print and outdoor; digital advertising; web development; video content strategy and development; and collateral design.

No matter the process, Red212 focuses on solutions, not ads, meaning they translate the consumer insights into “simple, relevant, engaging expressions without media bias, predisposition, or limitation.”

As of 2014, the agency has 20 employees on staff, a few who have been hired this year to aid in strategic planning, helping clients to grow their businesses and brands. Future plans for growth include acquisitions, the details of which are still in development.  

Chambers credits the agency’s growth to her strong team and to Aileron’s “Course for Presidents,” which the senior team attended. Following the course, Red212 set up an advisory board and conducted strategic planning sessions, which Marty Densmore―business advisor at Aileron and founder and managing partner of MK&D Associates LLC―helped to facilitate.

“It was very successful and helped us to articulate and commit to our new positioning of focusing on creating communications that target the female consumer,” Chambers says. 

Chambers says the work by the advisory board has had a “tremendous impact on the business” because it has been a “fantastic resource from both a strategic and accountability standpoint.” Moreover, the strategic work the board completed has helped everyone at the agency work towards a common vision.

With big-name clients like Tide, Walmart, Pantene, Chiquita, and Olay, just to name a few, Chambers and Red212 will continue to make an impact in the marketing industry for years to come. 


Red212 is located at 5509 Fair Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45227. You can reach them at 513.772.1020 or visit their website at