Paycor's New HQ Prioritizes Collaboration

CEO Bob Coughlin and executive vice president Stacey Browning at Paycor's new Norwood offices in 2014.

Photo by Daniel Smyth

Paycor, which has grown from a traditional payroll company into a broad, technology-centered provider of cloud-based human resources solutions, was on the move in 2014 – in more ways than one.

On March 24, 2014 Paycor relocated their national headquarters from downtown Cincinnati to an expanded, meticulously designed campus in Norwood.

This move, however, was more than merely a physical shift from one location to another. Paycor’s new facility not only represents the organization’s growth, but reflects its priorities, philosophy and vision as well.

“The key to being relevant and successful in this industry is attracting and retaining talented, skilled professionals,” says Bob Coughlin, the company’s CEO. “We view our new campus as a way to not only help bring quality associates aboard, but create an energized culture as well. ... Our goal is to grow a community where the things that we want to get done are front and center.

“The building is symbolic, really. It’s not only a reflection of our focus on the client and the usability of our product offerings, but of our company’s transformation as well.”

Reflections of Collaboration

Founded in 1990, Paycor has grown to include 22 offices, 700 associates and an ever-expanding national sales force. That growth, Coughlin says, is propelled by an extremely attentive commitment to the client experience, team members’ work experience and the quality of Paycor products.

Renowned for its intuitive and progressive cloud-based payroll, timekeeping and HR software, Paycor has been honored with three People’s Choice Stevie® Awards — one acknowledging the organization’s superior software solutions and two consecutive awards (in 2013 and 2014) recognizing its superlative customer service.

Stacey Browning, executive vice president, suggests that the company’s priorities go hand in hand. “In addition to designing efficient, intuitive software, we’re highly proactive when it comes to service. ... In-depth personal support and client service really are at the heart of who we are as a company. We reach out to clients. We don’t wait for them to call us. Clients truly do have a voice with us.”

Coughlin adds, “It’s a collaborative process. Our associates really work together with clients to ensure that we’re writing software and creating products that meet their needs. It’s a very people-dependent business.”

The Work/Site Relationship

Focusing on the organization’s 135,000 square-foot Norwood facility, Browning says, “We designed the new headquarters with our associates and visitors in mind. We wanted to maximize light and create an uplifting, user-friendly environment with lots of amenities.

“There are elements like on-site dining, a walking trail, a fitness center and glass garage-style doors that open to an outdoor green space. ... It really is a state-of-the-art facility, an extension of who we are as a company and what we care about.”

Browning cites one feature of the new campus that is especially illustrative of the organization’s client-focused approach: the Usability Lab. The space, which offers associates a real-time opportunity to observe clients using Paycor software, is aimed at transcending the traditional vendor-client environment, providing a deeper portal into the user’s actual experience.

“This is an aspect of what we call ‘client-driven design,’ ” says Browning. “We use direct feedback from clients and really bake it into the software we release. All of that feedback ultimately gets translated into the features that clients want to see.”

Focusing on the Community

Seeking to develop a professional community that is not only stimulated and engaged at the workplace, but also invested in the life of the greater community beyond the company’s walls, Paycor established the Community Partners program.

Started in 2010, the program is active in all of Paycor’s 22 offices. Igniting associates’ own individual causes, passions and connections, the program encourages team members to submit proposals for initiatives and events occurring in their communities. These activities (which include everything from coat drives to fundraising walks to holiday card collections for military troops abroad) are then promoted internally, via bulletin boards and the company’s internal social networking site.

Company involvement in the program grew by 50 percent from 2012 to 2013. During 2013 alone, Paycor team members donated their time, energy and resources to more than 87 events. With Paycor’s staff of 700 producing 2,075 individual instances of involvement, that’s an average of almost three events per person and seven events per month.

Paycor was awarded Smart Business magazine’s Medical Mutual Pillar Award in 2014. The company is among a select group of 16 organizations in the region honored for their commitment to community service, volunteerism and philanthropy.

Coughlin says, “Businesses succeed because they care about their purpose. And community involvement is part of our purpose. It’s something that we care deeply about. Being a part of this organization is about more than just collecting a paycheck. It’s about trying to do good things. I truly believe that’s the ecosystem for our company.”


Paycor is located at 4811 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH, 45212. You can reach them at 513.381.0505. Visit their website at