Building a Stronger Community One Smile at a Time

Ria Davidson & Jack Brendamour

Photo by Tracy Doyle


With the spring season just around the corner, maybe you’re still holding on to that New Year’s resolution to clean out the attic. Or maybe you’re looking to do some spring cleaning in the garage. Whatever your plans for clutter might include, Junk King can help.

Junk King drivers travel to homes and offices in the Greater Dayton and Greater Cincinnati areas to remove unwanted clutter and unusable materials.

“There is truth in the saying that ‘someone’s trash is another person’s treasure.’ Non-profits throughout the area appreciate the opportunity to reuse and repurpose items. What they can’t use, we recycle,” says Jack Brendamour, CEO of Junk King. “Our last resort is and should always be sending materials to a landfill.”

“Partnering with local charities is important to me and the company. It is the right thing to do and benefits our community. We are open to any and all avenues to put the items we come across back into good use.”

Junk King supports a variety of charities, including The Dragonfly Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Hope Worldwide, Matthew 25 Ministries, and New Life Furniture Bank. The Dragonfly Foundation, especially, has formed a meaningful partnership with Junk King. One of the organization’s founders has only the highest praise for Junk King’s team and the value of their partnership.

“We have a great mission to support pediatric cancer patients and their families as they go through treatment and long-term recovery, but none of that would be possible if we didn’t have people like Jack and companies like Junk King who went out of their way at every opportunity to say, ‘Here’s how I can help.’ To make urgent things happen, you need to know people who can respond, who can pick up the phone, who will connect you with others who can make a difference,” says Ria Davidson, vice president and co-founder of Dragonfly.

“Jack’s connections have been amazing for us. Some people say, ‘I don’t have the time to volunteer. I don’t have anything to contribute. What I can do is so small, it wouldn’t matter.’ Everything matters. Everything. Jack has jumped in with both feet, and I’m so appreciative.”

While financial support for organizations like Dragonfly is important, Junk King is involved in so much more than providing funding.

“We do write checks sometimes, but we donate a lot of toys. Non-profits benefit everytime we clean out a house or an office. We have also been able to donate tickets to events, our time and support,” says Brendamour. “With so much need in our community, we champion a variety of causes that are making a difference in our community.

“Jack is part evangelist and part action hero,” adds Davidson. “He helps so many organizations with the materials he takes in and jumps in to help in any way he can. In our case, there are 14 Junk King trucks on the road and 20 dumpsters with our Dragonfly bumper stickers on them. Something so simple means so much to us.”

Brendamour is motivated by Junk King’s ideals of honesty, integrity and encouragement, but also by his own compassion for those Dragonfly serves.

“Having a young son myself, the thought of what these families and children are going through…it’s hard for me to even fathom a situation like that,” he says. “I want to not only help them as much as I can personally, but also raise awareness to our entire community.”

Junk King is always looking to expand what they offer to even more non-profits, Brendamour notes.

“I think his model as a service company is fantastic, because not only is he helping his customers use their space more efficiently and feel better about the space that they’re in, but he is also allowing them to feel better about where all of their things are going,” says Davidson. “[Jack] makes recycling, reuse and repurposing easier, which should be everyone’s priority when combined with making a difference in the community.”

“If there’s a non-profit to get behind, I can’t think of one more worthy than Dragonfly Foundation for your time, energy and resources,” says Brendamour.


The Sharonville Junk King facility is located at 11430 Gondola St., Cincinnati, OH 45241. For more information, call 513.206.8945.


The Dragonfly Foundation is located at 9275 Governors Way, Cincinnati, OH 45249. For more information, call 513.494.6474, email or visit