Kinsella Kitchens Completes Year-Long Project for Thrilled Client

This kitchen was radically redesigned to reflect a California-modern feel. The cabinetry is custom made by Kinsella of a white, high-gloss acrylic material with a clean-lined aesthetic. Every cabinet has specialized interior function, so that every single thing in the kitchen has a place – keeping the counters totally clear of any clutter. The cabinetry uses a special reversed channel for opening, rather than typical cabinet hardware.

Photography by Catie Viox

Since the early 1960s, Kinsella Kitchens has crafted thousands of kitchens, baths and other rooms around Cincinnati. Today, the second and third generation of the Kinsella family continue the tradition of quality, service and excellence.

“We have a great combination of newness and longevity,” says Karen Kinsella. “We’ve been custom cabinetmakers since 1961, but we stay ahead of the trends, so we’re always ready for the next new thing a client requests.

“We work hard to fully understand and capture a client’s vision for the space,” Karen explains. “We listen. We ask lots of questions. We sketch and draw and re-draw. We try to understand how their household functions, and how that can lead us to creating the best design, to creating the most beautiful room for their needs. No project is bulletproof, but with patience and teamwork, we get the job done well.

“The kitchen in the photo, for example, is one we worked on through a general contractor. The architect created the blueprint for the remodel, the general contractor worked with his team to construct the space, and we built and installed the kitchen cabinetry.”

The project took more than a year from planning to completion. The client had an overall vision – a specific photograph – that she wanted to re-create within the parameters of her own home. With such minimalist design, every cabinet had to function optimally; every detail was important, right down to the pop-up outlets on the island.

The end result is consistently positive feedback from delighted clients. Karen continues, “There are three things that we hear consistently. One is compliments on the beauty and quality of the cabinetry. Second, clients love the design and function of their space. When the client tells us how easy it is to entertain, or how three family members can work in the kitchen simultaneously – or whatever are the most important functional characteristics to them – it means we’ve done an exceptionally good job at listening to understand their needs. Third, we hear from clients how great the Kinsella team is and how well we work together.”


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