Building Blocks for Kids 14th Annual Benefit

Photography by Rebecca Hendrixson

A “roaring” good time was had on Saturday, March 5, at the 14th Annual Benefit for Building Blocks for Kids (BB4K). The theme of the event was The Roaring 20’s. Patrons and guests arrived in flapper dresses, hair adorned with a feather or two, and gentlemen in dapper suits and spats. There were gaming tables, giggle water at the gin mill, and even a hoosegow for those who were “arrested”. A part of the fundraising was to slip The  Fuzz a hefty amount of cash in or to release your friend. A silent auction and live auction were also in progress.

The mission of BB4K is to bridge the funding gap for products and services that help improve the quality of life for children with physical, emotional and developmental challenges. Many insurance companies do not cover things such as hearing aids, adaptive bikes, and ongoing speech therapy. The cost of these needs are very often well beyond the grasp of families. Since it was founded, in 2003, BB4K has helped over 600 children. Building Blocks for Kids envisions a community where the needs of these children are being met.

Many organizations have a mission of helping children, but what makes Building Blocks for Kids different is that they help children and families right now. Each grant provided gives immediate assistance. Also, BB4K does not limit help to children with a specific diagnosis. They assist children with any diagnosis, as well as those with a lack of diagnosis, often covering services and equipment that are not covered anywhere else. Many families that were helped through the years told BB4K that they were their last hope. Because of generous donations, sponsors, volunteers and a staff of committed people, BB4K is able to deliver that hope.