Branding The Queen City: The Advertising Geniuses Behind Cincinnati's Success

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Mad Men's over, folks. We can finally lay to rest its portrait of the 20th century King Midas: the obsessive, self-loathing man-child who can sell happiness but cannot himself achieve it. 

Advertising, after all, isn't just about making people happy or making them feel good. It's about taking something that's useful and showing how it might be useful to you. It's someone saying, "Hey, I think you might like this." There's no implicit promise that everything advertised will be a secret key to bliss, only that the things advertised might help you get where you already want to go. 

For economists, the information transfer provided by branding, advertising and marketing sorts crowds of people and goods into efficient markets. They are part of the indispensable toolkit of capitalism. And they are the scaffolding of Cincinnati's success. 

What is it about Cincinnati that makes it so great?

The Queen City boasts its own style of chili. Both a professional football team and professional baseball team call it home. Among the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, there’s always something to do.

And an impressive number of national companies and organizations have established headquarters here on the banks of the Ohio River.

The skyscrapers of and The Great American Tower at Queen City Square puncture the Cincinnati skyline, highlighting the city’s aptitude for harboring greatness and success.

These industry giants, so common name in both the consumer and business worlds, paved the way for another set of organizations whose work often goes unrecognized but not unnoticed.

The unnamed, behind-the-scenes companies are the advertising and branding agencies of Cincinnati whose bold, bright and creative work make the local, regional, national and international businesses in Cincinnati and beyond shine and succeed.

Here we explore some of the top advertising and branding agencies in the Cincinnati area, acknowledging their work, unique talents and the executives who make the wheels turn day after day.

From a husband and wife team of graphic designers to full-service agencies with both humble and rich beginnings, these agencies highlight the breadth of creativity flourishing in the Queen City.

These agencies do more than just create and execute successful marketing campaigns for their clients. Without these firms and the innovative and visionary go-getters they employ, Cincinnati’s creative vibe and reputation for the arts would languish. The city’s brands would languish.

The people would languish.

What makes Cincinnati so great are these agencies. Read more about them, their work and why they make Cincinnati so great by clicking on the slideshow button top right. 

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Branding The Queen City: The Advertising Geniuses Behind Cincinnati's Success

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