Bohemian Regency with a Rustic Flair

Dwellings used vibrant colors and various textures to create a comfortable sitting area for guests to enjoy.

Photography by Greg Grupenhof


When Michelle Krumpelman and her husband moved from their mid-century home to a grand Southern Colonial Revival home 13 months ago, the couple was ready to make their stand in their new home.

“This is finally our home – this is the place we know we will live for a good portion of our lives, so we wanted to make it into a true extension of ourselves,” says Krumpelman. “Every element of this house just feels like my husband and I – it’s Southern, it has characteristics you only find in old homes and yet there are modern amenities to it too. We wanted each room to have it’s own personality.” 

Krumpelman could picture exactly what she wanted her new home to look like, but didn’t know how to bring that vision to reality. To help bring her ideas to fruition, she hired Grace Jones, owner of Dwellings, and her team of talented designers. 

“I’ve known Grace for years and I’ve always appreciated her style. If there was going to be anybody that would know how to translate what was in our hearts and in our heads it was going to be Grace,” says Krumpelman. “Grace knew right away my style is bohemian, it’s grand, old-world and regency. I’m married so he likes those things, but he wanted something manly and rustic as well. We really had to find a balance.”

Jones and her team are meticulously designing the home room by room. The Dwellings team is working with Krumpelman to discover one-of-a-kind pieces, special items that take time to find. 

“When you go into someone’s home you can appreciate that it is their style, but at the core of everyone of us we want to be individuals. We all have an idea of who we are and what we want,” says Krumpelman. 

“Grace doesn’t gravitate to only doing one style well. Every home I’ve seen that she has done has its own distinct look that is unique to the homeowner, not to Grace. She is one of the few people that can listen and take what you’re talking about, internalize it and turn it into a design that’s you. It isn’t a Dwellings signature look, it’s the homeowner’s signature look.” 

Dwellings is located at 2003 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45208. You can reach them at 513.321.6900 or visit their website at