Bespoke Seating Dining by Design


Orange Chair is far from your average upholstery shop. Filled to the brim with various building materials and colorful swathes of fabric, the workshop is a riot of creativity. It’s clear upon a visit to the “Shop” that the organization is focused on innovation and creating an amazing finished product for their clients.

“It’s all about fit and finish,” says Paul Tucker, owner of Orange Chair. His breakthrough came with the design/build opportunity at Boca, one of Cincinnati’s finest restaurants. “With Boca, we were able to realize and fulfill an opportunity: great design and function, on budget and with operational ease.” Orange Chair has blossomed into a regional boutique manufacturer within the high-end dining arena creating and delivering unique seating for restaurants from Lexington to Louisville and Columbus to Indy.

Beyond fine dining, Orange Chair has also worked with major league sports teams such as the Cincinnati Reds and the San Diego Padres to provide unique seating for the club’s premium seating needs, including the Handlebar at GABP.

“It’s a fun challenge and a great feeling to participate in realizing so many visions” says Tucker.


Orange Chair is located at 1009 Hulbert Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45214. For more information, call 513.271.4567 or visit