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Launching In Columbus: Kroger Will Let Shoppers Pay For Groceries With Their Phones

Columbus Announces Ideas to Launch Their Second AV Self-Driving Shuttle Service

Alibaba Has Designed & Developed The New Chinese Communist Party App

Mubadala’s New $400 Million European Tech Fund Invested In by SoftBank

Withings Health Mate Spans Three Gadgets, Two Brands, & A Great Fitness App

Chrome Patches Loophole That Lets Sites Block Visitors They Can’t Track

OpenAI Builds Text Generator Considered Too Dangerous to Release

Etsy Payment Error Results In A Lot of Money Being Withdrawn From Sellers’ Accounts

Homework Being Assigned Through WeChat In China Is Being Asked to Come to A Stop

Apple & Dream Corps Partner On Swift Coding Using Its Own Programming Language

Japanese Company, Rakuten, Strikes Interest In Getting Involved With Cryptocurrencies

WhatsApp Downloads Photos Automatically to Your Phone But We Can Fix That

Blockchain Industry Struggles With Sexism & Diversity

Social Media Tax In Uganda Has Caused The Loss of 5 Million Internet Users

Smash’s File Transfer Service Offers File Transfers With No Size Limit for Free

DHL Supply Chain Discusses the Impact of Robotic Solutions and the...

Kuy Plastic Surgery Utilizes Cutting-Edge Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy to Improve Skin Health and Strength

Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, is just one of the many procedures offered by Kuy Plastic Surgery and Swiss Medispa. This cutting-edge procedure utilizes a patient’s own blood to improve damaged skin. The result is healthier, rejuvenated skin. A small sample of blood is drawn and from there the platelets are isolated. Platelets are very small cells in your blood that are involved in the clotting and healing process. When platelet rich plasma is injected into a damaged area of the skin, it initially causes mild inflammation. However, it then triggers a healing process, releasing enzymes to promote healing and tissue responses including attracting stem cells and growth factors to repair damaged areas. Ultimately, new collagen begins to appear. As the collagen matures, it shrinks and the damaged area is tightened and strengthened. When treating patients who have skin that has been damaged by the sun or time, the procedure results in healthier and younger looking skin. It is most often utilized to rejuvenate damaged skin around the eyes, cheeks, mid-face, neck, jawline, chest and décolletage, back of hands and arms and lips.

Cbus’ Connie Skomra, Featured In Forbes, Discusses How to Get An Awesome Tech Job After Having Kids

Expedient Shares Attributes of A CIO Part 4 – Lessons Learned From Central IT Leaders.org

Citizen Crime Tracking App Notifies Users of Nearby Dangers & Is Launching In Baltimore

Potential Shooter Now In Custody After Putting Hollywood’s Netflix Office Under Lockdown

Spotify Gets Serious About Podcasts After Paying $340M to Buy Gimlet & Anchor

Samsung’s New Product Launch Happens Next Week Where They Have Mentioned A Sports Smartwatch

AWS Creates Solutions For Technology Companies Who Want More Cloud Control

GitHub Is The Saving Grace For Code Developers As It Has It’s Own ‘Draft’ Feature

OpenAI Designs Language Bot That Becomes Way Too Good At Predicting Editorial Text

Weibo Uses Social Media to Measure How Air Pollution Has A Psychological Toll

With Fast U.S. Growth, Lyft Works Hard to Woo Investors In An Effort to Beat Uber

Amazon’s Second HQ Office Announced Last Fall, But Promises of 25,000 Jobs Isn’t Exciting Anymore

Facebook to Face A Possible Multibillion-Dollar Federal Trade Commission Fine

Wacom Designed The Pro Pen Slim Which Was Created to Alleviate Hand Cramps

Xnor, Seattle-Based Startup, Unveils A Prototype AI Camera That Runs Off Solar Power

The City of Dublin Discusses Considering the Transformational Effects of Introducing New Technologies Into...

Cincinnati Museum Center Presents New OMNIMAX Theater Film: "Volcanoes: The Fires of Creation"

Who doesn’t remember their first IMAX theater experience? Well, I don’t, come to think of it. I mean, I do – It was in the late 1990s and I remember being awestruck and amazed. But I didn’t live in Cincinnati at the time, and as far as the name and nature of the film, I draw a blank.

FactGem & Memgraph Collaborate to Give Clients Real-Time, Transaction Based Analytics

Columbus’ Root Insurance Has Been Named One Of The Most Innovative Companies In 2019

Google Removed A YouTube Channel After Abusing Copyright Claims to Extort Money

Walmart Farms Out Same-Day Grocery Deliveries to Low-Cost Freelance Drivers

Free Versions of Apps Like Pokémon Go, Minecraft, & Spotify Are Being Distributed

Facebook Groups Promote Anti-Vaccine Communities & Reddit Is Fighting Back

North Focals Smart Glasses: A $600 Smartwatch For Your Face

Amazon & Western Union Set Up PayCode Which Allows Payments to Be Made Using Local Currencies

China’s Alipay Is A Mobile Payment Platform That Is Being Placed In 7,000 Walgreen Stores

Tesla Releases ‘Dog Mode’ & ‘Sentry Mode’ As New Features for Their Electric Cars

The EU Agreed Over New Rules to Tackle Unfair Business Practices

Grover Launches An E-Scooter In Berlin With A ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ Subscription Service

Google & IBM Continue to Try to Move Cloud Market-Share Needle

Nvidia Invents The AI Face-Generating Website Which Conjures People Out of Thin Air

The Visionary Women In Tech Take The Stage At The TNW 2019 Event In Amsterdam

Hanson Audio Video Wins CEDIA 2018 Showroom of the Year

Architects, designers, home builders and home owners are looking for ways to create beautiful, functional spaces that complement the lifestyles of their clients or their own families. Their objective is to achieve a pleasing design but also enable functionality and ease of use related to the space. The design of living spaces will integrate features that draw on a number of senses.

Columbus’ Vantage Point Logistics Receives $9.8 Million in Funding Led by Radian Capital

Columbus Newcomer Smartrac & Sasken Announce IoT Solutions Alliance

Apple Announces An Event to Be Held That Will Unveil Its Netflix-Like System

IBM Announces Liberating Its Watson AI Services to Work Across Any Cloud Platform

Mozilla & Ubisoft Work Together to Release Faster Versions of FireFox for The Future

The Bank of Valletta Show Down All of Its Operations After Detecting A Cyber Attack

Japan Sets Up New Watchdog to Scrutinize Big Tech Companies Like Facebook & Google

Amazon Now Allows Anyone to Create & Publish Alexa Skills Into The Alexa Skills Store

Instagram Works to Figure Out Why Accounts Are Losing Millions of Followers

Fiverr Collaborates With ClearVoice to Double Down On Social Media Content Marketing

3Doodler Is The New Drawing App That Allows You to Draw Directly Onto Your iPhone

Important Security Lessons Learned After Apple’s Eavesdropping FaceTime Bug

AI Technology Explores How To Find Human Trafficking Victims

A Belgian Security Researcher Found An Unusual Quirk In Facebook’s Search Function

Eddie Lane's Diamond Showroom Named Consumers' Choice Awards Number One Jeweler in Cincinnati for Four Consecutive Years

Cindy Lange was just 14 years old when she began working at her father’s business, Eddie Lane’s Diamond Showroom.

Columbus Startup T-Pro Solutions Acquired by Blacksmith Applications

Ventech Solutions Dash Alert Is The New Enterprise-Wide Security Management System

Google Announces That Their New Right-Click Feature Will Have More Options

Trump Plans to Sign An Executive Order Directing Research & Development In Artificial Intelligence

MIT Designed A Way to Measure The Stiffness of Living Cells Using Acoustic Waves

A Journalist Group Used Anonymous Accounts to Harass Women Writers & Activists

Fully Recharge Your Smartphone & Other Devices On The Go With The Best Power Bank

Apple’s App Store Has Over A Million Apps But These Are The Best Free Apps of 2019

LinkedIn Launches Their First Live Video Streaming Service With The Help of Microsoft

The Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Can Be Hacked to Suddenly Accelerate Or Brake

Amazon Talks About How They Looked to The Past to Build The Future

Trunk Is The New Startup That Is Focused Wholly On File Versioning For Designers

Twitter Faces Wrath Over Alleged Bias From India’s Right Wing

The World’s Biggest Smartphone Show Begins This Month & Here Is What to Expect

Philips' Coded Algorithms Are Detecting Cancer Accurately Through X-Rays

Bricker & Eckler LLP Discusses the Future of Technology as a...

Northwestern Mutual Encourages Generosity in Giving to Create Happier Lifestyles

My career in financial planning has led me to spend a great deal of time thinking about and researching why people spend money the way we do. The conclusion I have come to is we spend it however we feel will make us happy. Happiness could mean possessions, financial security, status, etc.

The Columbus Collaboratory Gives Details On What Information Security to Expect In 2019

300 Percent Improvement In Speed of Quote-to-Bind Process Driven by Bold Penguin

Russia Mentions How They Plan to ‘Unplug’ From The Internet

Ai-Da Is The ‘New Picasso’ In Robot Form

Google Extends Chip-Making Efforts to Design Hub in India

A Screen-Printer Poster That Connects to Wi-Fi & Tells You The Weather

Microsoft Mentions The Possible Release of The HoloLens 2 For Later This Month

YouTube’s Copyright Strikes Have Scammers Threatening to Shut Down Channels

Soocas Electric Toothbrush Is Backed by Xiaomi Which Raised $30 Million Series C

AI Is Being Used to Fix China’s Healthcare Problem by Two Former Qualcomm Engineers

Jeff Bezos’ Private Messages Were Leaked But Saudi Arabia Denies Their Involvement

Web Apps Are Being Protected From Bot Attacks Thanks to PerimeterX

2019 Automotive Cybersecurity Is Just As Vulnerable As Any Internet Connected Devices

Google Maps’ Biggest Little Problem Could Be Solved by AR Navigation

Google Play Was Caught Hosting A Cryptocurrency-Stealing App

Christ Hospital Utilizes Cutting-Edge, Minimally - Invasive Valve and Aneurysm Procedures

At The Christ Hospital it is a most exciting time for heart care. Never before have so many therapies been available to patients, including novel treatments for aortic aneurysms, minimally invasive mitral valve procedures and more. According to Dr. Geoff Answini, surgical director and thoracic & cardiac surgeon specialist at Christ, the hospital offers the full gamut of cardiac surgery – from coronary bypass, aortic and mitral valve surgeries to complex repeat open-heart surgeries as well as mechanical assist devices for heart failure patients. The Christ Hospital also offers a broad selection of treatments for thoracic aortic disease, including aneurysms involving the aortic root, ascending aorta, aortic arch and descending thoracic and abdominal aneurysms, as well as aortic dissections.

Woody Allen Sued Amazon For $68 Million Over A Four-Picture Deal