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Publicly Traded Alliance Data Systems Brings Its HQ to Columbus, Names New CEO

New Scooter Companies, Local E-Bike Startup Set to Enter Columbus Market

Google Rolls Out Its RCS Without Carrier Support

Samsung Recommends Regular Virus Checks For Their TVs

Power Grid Hack Attacks Cause Friction Between US & Russia

Microsoft’s ‘To-Do’ App Now Available on Mac

Is a New Digital Banking Project in the Works From J.P. Morgan?

Facebook’s ‘Calibra’ Could Generate Enormous Revenue For New Cryptocurrency

Microsoft Tests a Dedicated Office Key for Keyboards

How Ready Are You For a Pilotless Jet?

Scientists: Quantum Particles Infinitely Die and Regenerate

Adversarial Data Poses a Number of Problems For AI

Steps to Take If Your Instagram Account Gets Hacked

British Bitcoin Scammer Admits to Con That Cost People $50M

Facebook’s Digital Currency ‘Libra’ to Launch in 2020

Central Ohio Primary Care Discusses the Central Ohio CIO Forum

Cloverleaf Discusses Their Company, Communication, Leadership, Integration, Employee Engagement Surveys, AI and SaaS Tools

AEP & EPRI Select 7 Startups for Initial IlluminationLAB Demonstration Projects

GirlCON Event Launched to Promote Tech Careers for Young Girls

Maximize Your Company’s Profits With These Research-Based Tips

Boeing Execs Apologize for Max Crashes & Seeks Renewed Trust From Public

Apple CEO Takes Another Shot at Silicon Valley for Creating ‘Chaos’

Did Samsung Inadvertently Make a Case for Not Owning a Smart TV?

Are Robots Deserving of Empathy?

Huawei’s American Chip Suppliers Quietly Press US Government to Ease Ban

Huawei Predicts Its International Smartphone Shipments to Decline by 40-60%

The Moral Grey Area of Creating Deepfakes

Venmo Continues to Make it Easy to Scrape Transaction History Without Permission

MIT’s Latest AI Robot Can Feel Objects Just by Looking at Them

How Trustworthy is the ‘Amazon Choice Badge’?

Bitcoin Sets 13-Month High After Passing $9M

US Authorities Seize $200M in Bitcoin From Suspected Boston-Based Drug Ring

Thirty Years of Innovative Design and Culture

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams isn’t your average furniture store. They’re a company working to provide unique and beautiful products that are stylish, comfortable and environmentally friendly. Not only have they been successful in providing such products, but they have been doing so for 30 years.

Honoring Women With Recognition and Support

Women in the Tri-State are incredible. It’s a time to honor and remember those who have sacrificed their lives to serve others. It’s also a time for reflection and gratitude. As a motivational speaker, I am often asked to share about my life. I’m grateful that my response always begins the same: I’m proud to be a veteran. It is chiseled on my heart and soul. I am honored to have served my country, and although I was injured in the line of duty, I would do it all over again. It was a personal obligation for me.

State of Ohio Attorney General's Office Discusses CyberOhio Cybersecurity Program and Innovation Days

Bespoke Seating Dining by Design

Orange Chair is far from your average upholstery shop. Filled to the brim with various building materials and colorful swathes of fabric, the workshop is a riot of creativity. It’s clear upon a visit to the “Shop” that the organization is focused on innovation and creating an amazing finished product for their clients.

Skidmore Sales & Distribution Discusses Developing an IT Strategy, Transforming to a Digital Strategy, Establishing a Data Analytics Strategy and Emerging Technologies

How a Retail Incubator Could Produce the Next Big Innovation

Scaling Columbus: Featuring Bold Penguin

Spotify Finally Adds a Podcast Tab

Does Google’s Lobbying Shake-Up Mean Its Preparing for Washington Battle?

Expert Warns Deepfake Videos Could Spark Violence

Alexa’s Child Recordings Lead to Lawsuit Against Amazon

Iranian-Backed Accounts Removed From Twitter

Google’s New Android Feature Lets You Put a Bear in Your Living Room

Major Partners Sign Up for Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Network

Spain: Bitcoin Launderers Arrested in International Credit Card Fraud Case

China: Man Arrested After Stealing Electricity from Oil Well to Mine Bitcoin

Twitter CEO Answers Questions About Square’s Plans for Bitcoin

Europol Developing a ‘Game’ Teaching Law Enforcement How to Trace Cryptocurrency

Are YouTube’s Recommendations Toxic?

TomTom Co-Founder Plans to Equip the Next Generation with Digital Skills

Nationwide Discusses How They Use Technology for Positive Change, Disruptive Technologies and Leadership

Louisville Gas and Electric/Kentucky Utilities Discusses How IT Supports Intelligent Controls and Smart Meters, New Industrial Technologies, Managing Data, Outage Call Management, and Future Challenges with Utilities Companies

Where is the Next Great American Tech Hub? Cincinnati, Columbus & Cleveland Make Top 9 List

Cool Columbus: What to Do in Midwest’s Hippest City

Would You Be Willing to Pay for Reputable News?

US Blacklist Causes Huawei to Cancel Laptop Launch

Spotify’s New ‘Your Daily Drive’ Feature Merges Music & Podcast

What is Apache Kafka? New Site Makes it Easy to Experiment

Amazon Launches New Alexa Device Just for Kids

Uber Begins Testing Restaurant Food Deliveries by Drone

Vast Army of Phantom Profiles Lurk on LinkedIn

Facebook Has No Plans to Remove Zuckerberg Deepfake

NASA: Alien Life Much Less Likely Than Previously Thought

China Allegedly Disrupts Telegram App to Sabotage Hong Kong Protest

Drone Motors Create Awesome Music for Gamechanger Audio’s Synth

India: 78 Arrested in Bitcoin Call Center Scam

California Man Sentenced to 10 Years After Selling Drugs for Bitcoin

Licking Memorial Health Systems Discusses Finding Your Passion, Making a Difference, and Using Analytics to Drive the Future

A Senior Living Community Built With You In Mind

Think of luxurious living – of personalized, a la carte services, a state-of-the-art community and a place where everything is catered to your specific needs. Think of a place that truly feels like home.

Lighthouse Youth and Family Services Discusses Transitioning to Cloud Technology, Utilizing Cloud Applications and Centralizing Medical Data

Don’t Toss Your Old Toothbrush

Anderson Dental Care is participating in the National Colgate & TerraCycle Oral Care Recycling Program. In partnership with Starlight Children’s Foundation, the state that recycles the most oral waste will receive a playground for a children’s hospital.

2019 Women of Influence Awards at The Manor House

The Women of Influence Award honors our region's leading women who have helped shape the success of their organization and have demonstrated exceptional leadership.

Touch Bionics Brings Prosthetic Technology to Dublin, OH

POV on Security Spending from Jeff Schmidt

9 State Attorney Generals Files Lawsuit to Block Merger of T-Mobile & Sprint

Amazon Restaurants Shut Down Operations in US

New Startup ZeroDown Makes it Easier to Buy a Home in Bay Area

German Teens Teach the Younger Generation How to Text

Impoverished People Label Datasets Used by Big Tech’s AI

Facebook’s New ‘Study’ App Will Collect Data in Exchange For Cash

Dropbox Revamps Productivity with New Look and Useful App Integration

Which Countries Account For the Most Internet Usage?

Coinbase Rolls Out Cryptocurrency Debit Card in 6 More European Countries

ISPs in Liberia Block Social Media Amid Anti-Corruption Protest

Visa’s Blockchain-Powered Payment Product Goes Live After 3 Years

Top Leaders & Experts Share Insights on Privacy Paradox

Deepfake of Mark Zuckerberg Discussing Stolen Data Uploaded on Instagram

The Ohio State University Discusses App Development, Data Security, and the Future of Education

Here Comes the Sun

Granted, few of us will climb a mountain or have time for a week in the woods, but with winter’s days behind us we will be able to enjoy more time outdoors. For much of that time we will be close to home, in our gardens and yards and on our patios and decks.

The Circuit Discusses Innovation, Collaboration Across Departments, Current IT Challenges and Implementing New Projects

2019 Women of Influence Mixer

Venue Magazine hosts a Women of Influence Mixer on Monday, June 10th, 2019 to kick off the awards event that was held on Tuesday, June 11th. The event was sponsored by U.S. Bank Wealth Management. The Women of Influence Award honors our region's leading women who have helped shape the success of their organization and have demonstrated exceptional leadership. We hope you can join us to celebrate these amazing women who have been nominated!

From Cramped to Captivating: A Kitchen Revamped

For a Kenwood family, a ‘decent size’ kitchen with a small island and crowded footprint recently took on a whole new shape after being remodeled by Kinsella Kitchens and Baths.

Nationwide Names New CEO – Kirt Walker

Matt Scantland Leaving CoverMyMeds, Execs Promoted to Leadership, McKesson Role

Oracle is First Victim of Cryptocurrency Hackers Mining for Monero

Fintech Startup Revolut Adds Apple Pay to 16 European Markets

Card Readers at Electric Charging Stations Are Easy Targets