OPENING: The Total Look

Photo provided by The Cincinnati Art Museum

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Renowned for his stunningly unique designs, Rudi Gernreich was an avant-garde fashion designer whose lifelong dedication to originality produced countless visually striking garments. Now his designs are coming to Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Art Museum will feature Gernreich’s work in an exhibition titled “The Total Look” that will run from February 28 to May 24.

“The exhibition centers on the collaboration between Gernreich, his model and muse Peggy Moffitt, and her photographer husband, William Claxton,” says museum curator Cynthia Amneus.

Moffitt and Claxton added their own qualities to Gernreich’s designs. Moffitt animated the clothing by creating a new dramatic persona for each outfit, while Claxton’s photography brought fashion design into public consciousness. The photographer’s nine-minute video of Gernreich’s work, which will be featured in the exhibition, was the world’s first fashion video.

Gernreich’s designs were more than mere clothing. From the first designer jeans to the first topless swimsuit to the myriad minimalist knit garments he executed in psychedelic colors, Gernreich’s designs were provocative expressions of freedom.


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