Liberty Bible Academy Student Plays Chess with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Photography provided by Liberty Bible Academy

Ethan Fang is only seven years old and in the second grade at Liberty Bible Academy in Mason. He loves the game of chess and won the title of 2nd Grade Ohio State Champion at the 2014 Ohio Grade Level Chess Championship last November. 

But his opponent on Saturday, March 7, was bigger than anyone he had ever played before.  Literally. 

Ethan, son of Ning Fang and Feng Gao, was invited to play Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Arnold Sports Festival Kid's Expo in Columbus.  Also invited to play was eight-year old Emma Cheng from Dublin, OH.

It was a much-hyped match between the very large man and the two young children. The contestants had prepped hard and were ready to take on the Terminator in a game that relies much more on brain than brawn. Their greatest disappointment?  That Schwarzenegger terminated (yeah, we said it) their games before they were completed. Both Ethan and Emma remain convinced they could have won (and Ethan notes that he was ahead when the game was called)! 

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