An Investment in Trust

Photography provided by The Randolph Company


Founded in 1966, The Randolph Company has provided their clients financial assistance for decades. Established by Guy D. Randolph Jr., the firm originally specialized in life insurance. They have since developed into an investment advisory firm under the leadership of Carter F. Randolph, PhD, who took control of the company in 1996.

“As an investment advisory firm, the ultimate end goal is to help our clients build a successful future, plan for retirement and grow their wealth to the point that they can pass it down to future generations,” said Louie Randolph, son of Carter Randolph. As a family-owned company that has managed portfolios for generations, The Randolph Company has found its niche in building value portfolios. “We are focused on finding investments that are undervalued, have a good dividend yield and a healthy balance sheet, says Louie Randolph. “Our investment selection and fee structure are at the forefront for our clients.”

With a dedicated staff and a focus on excellence, The Randolph Company is a business that clients can trust to create a personalized portfolio to help accomplish their financial goals. “It really comes down to us truly believing that our success comes from our clients’ success,” says Carter F. Randolph. “We focus on putting the clients first in every aspect of what we do.”



The Randolph Company is located at 4200 Malsbary Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242. For more information, call 513.891.7144 or visit