Adventist Outreach Ministry Food Pantry Opens With Help of Local Contractors

Cincinnati, OH, October 5, 2016 – Adventist Outreach Ministries Food Pantry will be hosting its Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Friday, October 21, 2016 at 11am. This event is open to the public. It is located at 725 Whittier Street, Cincinnati, OH 45229. Food cans are welcome at this celebration! 

The pantry proudly serves the Hamilton County area as a source of nourishment, insurance, health checks, job placement, help for battered women and more. As exciting as the event may be, this Ribbon Cutting may have never happened at all were it not for the open hearts and helpful hands of some local Cincinnati contractors.

The building was initially under construction by an unnamed contractor who walked out on the project, leaving the pantry with a partially finished interior and exterior, an unfinished driveway and parking lot and without fencing. With limited budget and limited time, the SDA Pantry feared the opening may never come.

That’s when John R. Westheimer, president of Cincinnati Commercial Contracting, jumped in with both feet and brought along a few friends to help. Westheimer, who has a long-standing relationship with the food pantry, was astonished when informed of their dire situation. Within weeks, he established a team of interior and exterior contractors to get the job done at absolutely no cost to the food pantry.

These contractors included:

Cincinnati Commercial Contracting, Barrett Paving, Pierce Plumbing, Performance Electric, Architectural Door Systems, Jones Drywall, KenAPI, FDI Cabinetry, Grey Street Flooring, Steinmetz HVAC, Metal Panel Systems, J.R. Jurgenson, Kirby Fontaine, Great Lakes Construction, Redi Rock, Prus, Spurlino, Martin Marietta, Watson Gravel, A & A Safety, Ernst Concrete, Grubb Concrete, S&S Excavating, Blood Hound Locating Services, Kokosing, Security Fence Group and Richie Bros.

Thanks to these selfless local businesses and owners, the Adventist Outrech Ministry Food Pantry can continue its extraordinary work in the community. Please join them for the October 21, 2016 Ribbon Cutting at 11am, and help spread the word about this story.


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