Abstract Artist in Cincinnati Receives William Duebber Artist Award

Photo by Joe VanDehatert


Mary Barr Rhodes’ artistic journey began in her childhood years in West Virginia. The artist who first dabbled in art with her older brother’s art supplies draws her inspiration from nature and is well-known for her signature emotion-evoking abstract painting style. “As an artist, I believe that it is my job to bear evidence to the world in which we live.” Rhodes shares. “And, because our society is in turmoil at this time, I hold on to my romantic roots that art should make a person stand still, to view the art in a state of mindfulness. So, I invite the viewer to feel my art. My work is like jazz – it is to be felt, not defined.”

Rhodes believes that words aren’t enough to define profound moments, but rather the space in between the words. “In early September, I was at Winton Woods and I noticed that the angled, autumn light hitting the leaves on the tree looked like thousands of icicles hanging from the branches. So, I carried that inspiration back into the studio with me. I don’t paint literally…I painted that moment in time when the light was angled so perfectly on one specific tree that I would paint my wonder of the beauty in that moment.  I hope that every viewer can feel my emotion on the canvas. I am in awe of the natural beauty of our world,” says Rhodes.

Her exquisite art career has gotten her the honor of receiving the William Duebber Artist Award through Art Comes Alive, the internationally juried exhibition hosted by Art Design Consultants.

“I am truly honored to receive the William Duebber Artist Award,” she remarks. “He seemed to have been a great man…a father, a designer and an artist. I never had the privilege of meeting Duebber, but I wish I had. It appears that we had a lot in common. I owned and operated a design firm for 18 years, and he also worked in the design world. We were both family oriented as well. My greatest masterpieces are my daughters, Chelsea and Chandra. And I taught for many years as well. We also both were abstract artists that worked from nature. So, last night I raised my glass and made a toast to William Duebber!”

Being the creative soul that she is, Mary Barr Rhodes is undeniably bringing more heart and thoughtfulness through her art to remind us all that sometimes we need to take a moment not just to see, hear or speak, but to feel as well.


For more information, email mary@marybarrrhodes.com or visit www.marybarrrhodes.com