A Whole New World: Plan Your Trip to Remember

Photography provided by Cindy Berre Travel

When it comes time to plan a destination wedding, honeymoon or your next great adventure, look no further than Cindy Berre Travel.

With a wealth of firsthand knowledge of the world’s premiere vacation spots and a destination wedding expert, Cindy has been planning trips for more than 20 years.

Sure, there’s lots of information available online about travel and deals – but did you know that many times the best deals aren’t even listed online? Not to mention the time it takes to sort through them and figure out whether a promoted deal is truly a savings.

“Many vacationers believe they can save a lot of money booking trips for themselves through the Internet,” says Cindy, “but that’s usually not the case. I work with travel providers on a daily basis, and that means not only do I know the best deals, but am also a source of repeat business which gives my clients leverage. I consider my clients’ needs and budget and deliver trips to remember.” 

Cindy prides herself on booking trips that exceed her clients’ expectations, whether a relatively inexpensive getaway or an indulgent trip of a lifetime.

“Travel agents are paid by providers, not by vacationers,” she explains. “Price is what you pay, value is what you get. I make sure you are getting the best value – the experiences you don’t want to miss at the best cost.”

Plus, Cindy makes sure every trip is custom to the client she is working with. She is personally involved in each client’s travel plan, making sure the types of activities they prefer and preferences they have are accounted for. Her clients have called her the go-to source for destination weddings, but she also loves to plan family trips, cruises, culinary and wine trips, luxury and adventure travel. 

For more information or to book a trip, contact Cindy Berre Travel at 513.645.1754 or visit www.CindyBerreTravel.com.