A Unique Shopping Experience

When shopping for jewelry, customers typically seek an experience as unique and personal as they want the piece to be. Paolo A Modern Jeweler, continues to reinvent the process – with the “Paolo Experience,” coffee, wine, chocolates and puppies included.

“The Paolo Experience allows our clients to relax while shopping our ready-to-wear lines, or while designing an original piece of Paolo jewelry,” says Paolo Salamone. “Our setting, along with an espresso or glass of wine, is perfect to relax and step into our ‘comfort zone’… having cute puppies and dogs in the studio is a great asset as well.”

Obviously this approach to the shopping experience is unique, and there are a number of other aspects that sets Paolo’s Studio apart, as a jeweler and as a business in general. 

When Paolo started the business more than 20 years ago, he wanted to showcase his unique and modern jewelry in a setting that reflected that. “We wanted to share our designs with our growing clientele, so we started a studio-style, retail showroom environment, with an open floor plan. We offer a modern, comfortable setting in order to engage our clients, showing our own designs along with estate pieces.”

Paolo has grown over the last 20 years with their outstanding client service, recent renovations, rebranding and expanding their ready-to-wear line.

As part of what Paolo calls their “incredible dedication to excellent, personal client services,” they also offer expert advice, including “jewelry advice from designers, graduate gemologists and master jewelers.”

This commitment extends beyond their Gaslight/Clifton studio as they make a specific effort to reach out to their community.

“My parents gave everything they could to help anyone in distress,” says Paolo. “And, I am committed to carrying on that legacy.” This tradition manifests in the way Paolo donates to fundraising opportunities, attends charitable events and helps charities raise money and awareness by donating their very popular Date Night Package

“I see the results first hand,” he says. “It’s a great feeling to help out, but it’s a greater feeling to see others benefit from our giving; our entire staff is involved in our charitable giving, and this brings me great joy.”

Paolo’s habit of charitable involvement has not only brought joy to the business, but has also shown growth in the surrounding community. Paolo says, “The return from giving has been amazing. We see increases every year from many of the Date Night Package winners from the charity events (who) have become loyal clients, great friends and they may have their own cause we can help champion.”

This is ultimately the goal of this unique business – to not only provide an excellent and unique jewelry experience, but to benefit their clientele/community and the Greater Cincinnati community by extension. “I am very proud of our involvement in the Cincinnati charity circuit,” says Paolo. “It’s a great honor, and Cincinnati has amazing people working to help each other.”

Walk-ins are welcome, appointments are available from 1-7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

Paolo A Modern Jeweler is located at 278 Ludlow Avenue, Gaslight/Clifton, Cincinnati, OH 45220. For more information, call 513.751.2171 or visit paoloamodernjeweler.com.