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Photography provided by ProScan Imaging

With a rise in healthcare costs and an increase in high-deductible healthcare plans, it is important for consumers to know that they have a choice on where to go for procedures such as medical imaging. Headquartered in Cincinnati, the ProScan Family of Companies provides outpatient imaging services at a significantly lower cost than local hospitals. The ProScan Family consists of: ProScan Imaging (Outpatient Imaging Facilities), ProScan Reading Services (Teleradiology), Worldcare Clinical (a Clinical Imaging Research Company), and the Cris Collinsworth ProScan Fund (CCPF), a non-profit organization. The ProScan companies operate outPatient facilities in seven states, provide teleradiology services for thousands of physicians, hospitals, and healthcare facilities in six continents, and support global clinical trial programs for some of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies.  

ProScan Imaging has seven locations in Cincinnati, which offer High-Field MRI, Open MRI and CT. Our Open MRI options are available at our Paul Brown Stadium and Eastgate locations. CCPF operates three imaging facilities in Cincinnati. The ProScan Pink Ribbon Centers (PPRC) offer mammograms, ultrasounds, DEXA scans, and breast biopsies. By getting a service at the ProScan Pink Ribbon Center, you are helping to support the Pink Ribbon Programs. These programs provide support to women and men who are battling breast cancer. By simply having a routine test, like a mammogram, you are not only being proactive about your breast health, but you are making an impact on someone else’s life; because the Pink Ribbon centers are owned and operated by the Cris Collinsworth ProScan Fund on a non-profit basis. So when you get a mammogram at one of their centers you are helping to subsidize the free care and education we provide to uninsured and indigent women in Cincinnati. 

There is a ProScan facility located within 15 minutes of nearly every home and workplace address in Cincinnati. The convenience of locations and appointment times that ProScan offers, including evening and weekend appointments, is accommodating to those who are in need of outpatient medical care throughout the Tri-state. All exams performed at a ProScan facility are read by The ProScan Radiology team, which includes more than 30 board-certified, fellowship-trained, sub-specialty radiologists, who strive for excellence and are passionate about helping patients get back to their everyday lives.

  “I had a phenomenal experience with ProScan Imaging,” says Michael Vaughn, who used the company’s services. “From the receptionist to the MRI technologist, everyone was welcoming and professional and did their job with excellence. I was provided with all of the necessary information and my experience was very smooth. On top of that, the cost is very reasonable. I strongly recommend ProScan to anyone needing an MRI.”

In addition to the significant cost savings at ProScan, the quality of the images and the experience and expertise of the radiologists are among the best in the city. The cost savings approaches up to 85 percent over local hospitals and up to 91 percent for certain pediatric exams.  All ProScan facilities are accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR), an independent evaluator of image quality and standards of care in radiology. The experience you receive at ProScan Imaging is unmatched. To date, ProScan Reading Services and its physicians have read over 1.5 million cases. ProScan is able to provide cost savings to their patients because of their experience, advanced training, and efficiency. Patients of ProScan Imaging receive only one bill, which includes the exam fee and the radiology fee. 

To accommodate all patients, ProScan Imaging offers discounts if the estimated out of pocket cost is paid in full at the time of service. ProScan accepts almost all insurance plans, offers convenient payment plans, and affordable self-pay rates for those patients without insurance as well as a financial hardship program. 

With the rise in healthcare cost and the increase of high-deductible healthcare plans, it is important for patients to be educated on the options available to them for medical imaging and the costs associated with these outpatient services. According to Avalere Health, outpatient services contributed to nearly 30 percent of proposed 2017 insurance rate hikes (“Here’s What’s Really Making Your Health Insurance Premiums Go Up,” Fortune). Because of this reality, whether or not you have met your deductible or not, as a smart consumer you need to know the impact this has on the cost of your healthcare premiums. If you are not paying for it this year, your insurance company is which means you will likely be paying for it next year with an increase in your costs. 

The next time you, a family member, a co-worker or a friend are in need of an imaging service such as an MRI, CT, mammogram, ultrasound or another medical imaging test, remember that you have a choice! Ask your doctor about ProScan to reduce your out-of-pocket cost and total costs. 


For more information or for a price quote, please call 877.PROSCAN or visit their website at www.proscan.com.