A Tradition of Innovation

Photography provided by Mayfield Brain & Spine

Mayfield Brain & Spine is proud to be a national leader in neurosurgery. In addition to its reputation as a quality provider, the group receives national attention because of size.

“The number of people we treat every year makes us a significant contributor on the national scene,” says Arthur Arand, MD, chairman of the board and president of Mayfield Brain & Spine.

The Mayfield group consists of 22 neuroscience specialists, including 16 neurosurgeons, and treats about 25,000 patients a year. “I consider Mayfield a national leader because of our size and because of our high level of expertise in every sub-specialty in brain and spine surgery,” says William Tobler, MD. “We provide the entire array of surgical treatments available for any disorder of the brain or spine.”

But size is not the only factor in Mayfield’s national prominence. “I would say, in general, what separates us from a lot of practices is our academic affiliation, our commitment to taking care of people, education and research,” Dr. Arand says.

These core values are rooted in Mayfield’s rich history, which began in 1937 with Dr. Frank Mayfield. “Neurosurgery was a fairly new specialty at that time, having just started earlier in the century on the East Coast of the United States,” Dr. Arand says. 

The Mayfield Surgical Innovation Center is testimony to the group’s dedication to training. “There are six completely equipped operating stations with simulated spine models in the laboratory, which are also equipped for use with cadavers,” Dr. Tobler says. “Here, surgeons can learn and practice current and new surgical techniques. Mayfield surgeons teach and train not only the residents in our program, but surgeons from all over the United States.”

The group traces its quest for innovation to Dr. Mayfield. Because neurosurgery was in its infancy, he was an inventor as well as a surgeon, sometimes out of necessity. He is credited with designing the aneurysm clip and head holder.

“Frank was very instrumental in developing such things, many of which are still used around the world today,” Dr. Arand says. “The Mayfield head holder, for example, is used on every continent in the world for positioning a patient in the operating room.”

Dr. Mayfield’s innovative spirit influenced the doctors he recruited to Cincinnati. “He was always looking for the latest technology, and people who were trained in how to use it and could bring it here,” Dr. Arand says. “In the 1960s, he recruited Dr. John Tew, who was instrumental in bringing microsurgery to Cincinnati.”

Over the years, Mayfield specialists have developed treatment programs and facilities. “In 2003 we introduced the Precision Radiotherapy Center, the most advanced stereotactic radiosurgery center of its time,” Dr. Tobler says. Located in West Chester, it was the region’s first center to offer high-precision radiotherapy and radiosurgery for tumors and other abnormalities inside and outside the brain.

“We have one of the leading ambulatory spine surgery centers in the country, in terms of developing minimally invasive surgical techniques that get people home the same day,” Dr. Arand says. 

“At the Mayfield Spine Surgery Center, we routinely do operations that other providers do not think can be done in an outpatient setting,” Dr. Tobler says. “Patients similarly treated at other institutions often stay in the hospital for three to five days.”

The group instituted the Mayfield Education and Research Foundation to continue its tradition of innovation. “We provide seed money to researchers throughout the region who have innovative ideas,” Dr. Arand says. “Research is a critical part of the future.”

The Mayfield Surgical Innovation Center, which was funded by the foundation, is in the vanguard of neurosurgery. “The center provides the foundation for forward-thinking clinical research,” Dr. Tobler says. “Our surgeons are committed to clinical and translational research projects that have changed and will continue to change the ways in which brain and spine care is delivered.”

“Mayfield has also achieved national prominence in terms of the number of publications we have every year from our faculty and the leadership positions we’ve held over many years,” Dr. Arand says. 

That profile is rooted in its history. “Our goal is to carry on Frank Mayfield’s ideals,” Dr. Arand says. “We pride ourselves in providing compassionate care and a superior outcome for our patients.”


Mayfield Brain & Spine has nine locations throughout Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  The corporate office is located at 3825 Edwards Road, Suite 300, Cincinnati, OH 45209. For more information, call 513.221.1100, email Comments@MayfieldClinic.com or visit www.mayfieldclinic.com.