A Tale of Two Homes

Photography provided by Architects Plus

Homebuilders and architectural firms must be capable of performing a wide variety of projects, from simple to complex, to best fit the needs of the client. There must be potential to complete a whatever the client desires – commercial and residential, renovation-based and a full build. 

ArchitectsPlus works to embody this versatility in every job, meeting the clients’ needs no matter the request. For one homeowner who hired the team at ArchitectsPlus, the importance was in the details, while another homeowner requested a full kitchen remodel. 

“We were looking to keep the exterior architecture of the home intact,” says one homeowner in Hyde Park. “We wanted to create a new and updated space without compromising the integrity of the original historic structure.” The design team of Jeffrey Jakucyk and Rick Koehler from ArchitectsPlus worked together and embraced the challenge with enthusiasm. 

The couple was sensitive about changing their historic home and challenged ArchitectsPlus to renovate and change the spaces while keeping everything seamless, as if the new additions had always been a part of the original floorplan of the home, built in 1917. 

“The end project was very charming,” the homeowner says. “There was a lot of detail that went into it – replicating molding and paneling, redoing original leaded glass windows and keeping all the home’s characteristics consistent. Rick’s team did a great job. He’s done a lot of work with older homes and we knew we could trust him to update the space without ruining the charm.” 

The owner added that it was very important for him and his wife to work with the existing home, adapting to it without forcing it to adapt to them.

Another homeowner in Indian Hill hired ArchitectsPlus for a similarly challenging project – to renovate the entire kitchen and while maintaining the style and architecture of the rest of the home. For this project, Stephanie Johnson and Rick Koehler worked to deliver a design solution for the family home.

“It was very important to us that it flow and work better as a space than before, but we wanted it to look like the rest of the home so that you’d never know it wasn’t the original kitchen,” says the homeowner. “The house is very traditional, but they were able to update it and add in beautiful touches that I never would have thought of adding.”

 It was also important to the homeowners that the space be opened up to more light, and views of their beautiful back yard. “Originally, the room only had a bar, no other seating areas, and there were just three small, high windows,” she says. “We wanted better seating, and much larger windows to make the room brighter. Our only concern was that such a large-scale renovation kept true to the original design of the home, which was accomplished flawlessly.” 

Both homes were successfully updated and renovated to the homeowners’ specifications, without compromising the design qualities of the original homes. Although both projects were very different in style and architectural design, Koehler, Jakucyk and Johnson were up to the challenge of bringing each homeowner’s vision to life. 

ArchitectsPlus is located at 10816 Millington Court, Cincinnati, OH 45242. You can reach them at 513.984.1070 or visit their website at www.architectsplus.com.