A Support Beam for Those Building Addiction-Free Futures

Photography by Catie Viox


They say there are two ways of spreading light – be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

The professional, caring staff at Lumière Healing Center in West Chester – a full-service, holistic, addiction recovery facility – serves as both, lighting the path for those wanting to take control of their addiction-rattled lives and illuminating the path back to the center for boosts of periodic post-recovery support if needed.

“Recovery from addiction is a life-long commitment,” says Lumière CEO Robert Lee, “and everything, from the center’s staff and services to its location, is designed with a commitment to clients’ health, recovery and post-recovery needs in mind. Even the first two words in the center’s name – Lumière (French for ‘light’) and Healing – speak to the company’s nurturing and empowering nature, a clear boon to those taking that often difficult first step toward a brighter, addiction-free future.

“I think it’s a great organization,” says Lee, who spent more than 25 years in hospital administration before joining the Lumière Healing Center team in 2016. Lumière also operates an addiction recovery center in Palm Beach County, Florida, where Lee lives.

“I love coming here, to Ohio, seeing the clients here, the progress they’ve made, getting to better know the local people in our industry,” he says. “Our vision of providing excellent, quality care for the clients we serve is in line with my personal commitment to ensuring the best possible recovery outcomes for them.”

It’s a gorgeous, state-of-the art facility, he says. Lumière Healing Center – a beautifully renovated medical building situated in a secluded, peaceful location by a private golf course in Butler County – chose the site because the detox process can be stressful and the early stages of recovery can be rife with relapse opportunities. The best way for clients to focus on their recovery and beat addiction is to place them in the most comfortable setting possible, relapse opportunities removed, surrounded by professionals who care about their success.

According to Lee, Butler County was chosen for Lumière’s newest facility because of the tremendous need for addiction recovery services coupled with a lack of available substance abuse facilities in the area. “We met with county officials toward the end of 2016,” he says. “They had received a grant and they asked us if we would work with them, taking client referrals at a dramatically reduced cost. We were happy to work with them. It’s our way of giving back to the community we serve.”

There is no cookie-cutter approach to addiction recovery at Lumière. All services involve licensed doctors, nurses and therapists working as a team, conferring with a nationwide network of professionals, with an individual-client focus. Superior patient care, strength-based philosophical approach, highly-qualified staff, a relapse prevention program, a state-of-the-art facility, an active alumni community and post-recovery support resources are hallmarks of the Lumière Healing Center. Lumière is accredited by the Joint Commission, the national gold seal of approval for addiction treatment facilities.

“We are always looking at new programs we can offer to meet the needs of clients in this region. As the needs change, we will adapt, making sure we are here for the long term to help our clients,” Lee says. “We are here to make a difference.”


Lumière Healing Center is located at 7593 Tylers Place Boulevard, West Chester, OH 45069. For more information, call 513.714.3389 or visit www.lumierehealingcenters.com.