A Real Knight in Shining Armor

Story submitted by Stephanie Fox.


The story starts the night before the proposal. On Friday, we went to my fiance's sister's house to watch her kids while she went out. Then we stayed the night since she lived closer to the Renaissance festival we were going to the next morning. I was pretty irritated because I wanted to have a relaxing night at home after a long week. I complained a lot that night.

Early Saturday morning we headed up to the festival. My fiancé paid for me to get my hair braided at one of the booths. Then, as we were getting ready to go to the jousting event, he got a work phone call and went off to take it in the car. His sister's family and I went over to the jousting arena and sat down in the premium seating section. When the show started they introduced three different knights and each of the three knights handed out a rose to a maiden in the crowd. I received a rose from the fully armored silent knight.

As the show started, one of the other knights came over and told me that they needed me to be part of the show. This knight was going to sword fight the silent knight for my honor and the silent knight was going to win. After that they needed me to come up and knight the winner. Everything proceeded as he said and I knighted the fully armored knight. Then he turned around and took off his helmet and turned back to face me getting down on one knee. It was my fiancé! He proposed and I said yes. We kissed and hugged and then he had me turn to the other side of the premium seating that I hadn't been able to see before and both our families and friends were there. The reason we stayed at his sister's house the night before was because 20+ people were staying at our house that night. He trained with the knights and organized all our family coming for 2 months before the proposal and I had absolutely no idea. He even called my boss on Friday to make sure I got out early so we weren't at the house when friends/family started arriving! It was the best proposal I could ever have imagined!