A Prominent Local Firm Prepares for the Future

Photo by Daniel Smyth

For 37 years, ArchitectsPlus has provided clients with personal and professional service through their team of talented architects, interior designers and LEED-accredited professionals. Boasting an 85 percent client retention rate in highly competitive markets, ArchitectsPlus is humbled by the loyalty shared by so many of their satisfied clients and they are eager to continue the momentum in 2016.

The firm has recently restructured its leadership team. Founding partner Rick Koehler, AIA, stepped down from his role as partner to transition into senior project manager while Matt Erdman, AIA, joined the team as partner and leader of the commercial architecture studio. 

“My focus has been on hospitality environments for the last 10 years,” says Erdman. “I’m excited to bring ArchitectsPlus into that market segment and continue to serve my existing clients.” 

Other members of ArchitectsPlus share Erdman’s excitement for the specialty addition. “Matt’s enthusiasm and expertise have already proven invaluable to our firm,” says Nora Wiley, NCIDQ, LEED AP and partner. “His strong background in hospitality design will not only open new markets for us, but also be an added value to our existing clients in the retail, restaurant and senior living marketplaces.”  

Andy Schaub, AIA, LEED AP and partner, moved from leading the commercial architecture studio to the residential architecture studio – a welcome switch for him. 

“I’m thrilled to have the chance to take a deep dive back into residential architecture,” he says. “Three collaborative partners fully supported by a dedicated staff make for an awesome firm.” 

Erdman will provide a fresh perspective for the firm. “ArchitectsPlus is an incredibly talented firm with broadly experienced staff, loyal clients who value us and great leadership already in place,” he says. “I felt like I could participate in this collaborative environment in a way that benefits all of us and our clients. Our capabilities are a bit of a secret right now, so we’re excited to get the word out and lead the firm through measured growth.” 

The client-centered firm hosts three design studios under one roof: a team of commercial architects, commercial interior designers and residential architects. 

“The presence of the three studios in one space offers a collec-tive synergy that strengthens our approach to each individual project,” says Page Helmick, director of business development. 

That approach is backed with the experience to tackle any chal-lenge that might result during the design process.  

“We’ve dealt with tight schedules and tighter budgets. Sometimes there are issues with the property a client wants to build on, other times the challenge can be a difficult zoning and permitting processes in a given jurisdiction,” says Wiley. “Whatever the challenge, we ap-proach it with our set of standards that we call ‘The A+ Way.’ ” 

Clients can expect to remain stress-free and aesthetically delight-ed by the coordinated designs that are trademarks of ArchitectsPlus. Through effective communication, developing personal relationships and utilizing proven approaches to design challenges, ArchitectsPlus creates solutions that add tangible quality to their clients’ lives. 

“The future is bright. In the last five years we’ve refined the firm from being a generalist to a specialist,” says Schaub. “Our clients’ best outcomes result when we integrate architecture and interior design, while taking full advantage of our combined experience.” 

He says the addition of the hospitality market division is excep-tional timing. “It blends naturally with our existing markets, providing an even greater degree of cross pollination among our projects.” 

Adding hospitality as a market specialty doesn’t signal a shift from any of the clients or markets the firm currently serves. “We feel strongly that our combined backgrounds provide a deeper and richer set of experiences to draw from and in turn provide better solutions for our clients,” says Erdman. 

ArchitectsPlus is located at 10816 Millington Court, Suite 100, Cincinnati, OH 45242. For more information, call 513.984.1070, or visit their website at www.ArchitectsPlus.com.