A Personal Touch to Professional Photography

Photography by Lauren DiFulvio

Lauren DiFulvio was studying art therapy when she had to take a photography class. In spite of her initial disenchantment, she fell in love during an assignment for portrait photos.

“I had never been so hungry for something,” she says. She had drawn portraits, but discovered a passion for photography. DiFulvio photographed 26 weddings in her first year as a professional and her talent and love has only grown since.

​DiFulvio loves photographing babies and weddings because both require creativity due to their unpredictability. “You have no idea what you’re going to get,” she says about weddings. “You never know what’s going to happen. I love that you’re always learning and discovering new things.” 

DiFulvio has learned much about her craft by working as an assistant for other local photographers. She has traveled to New York and Florida for work, but still values Cincinnati’s community and the beauty of the city.

“I really love the group of wedding photographers here … we’re really close, and we help each other,” she says. “One of my best friends is my competition.”

DiFulvio pays special attention to clients, working hard to make them feel comfortable and reflect their unique style. She prepares and uses a personal approach for each person and situation. The ability to adapt to the needs of each individual makes up the “the whole package,” she says.

In her constant search to “never stop learning,” she has begun to work in an open-air photo booth, which she says has been fun and rewarding.

“My style is still evolving,” DiFulvio says. “I’m getting better each year.”

For more information, visit laurendifulvio.com.