A Paul Brown Proposal

I am lucky enough to say that we got engaged in Paul Brown Stadium, on the field, on the 50 yard line! 

My fiancé had called me earlier in the week and asked if I would be interested in going on a tour of the Bengals stadium on the upcoming Friday of that week (he knew that I was off work). Being the huge Bengals fan that the both of us are, I said "sure, that sounds like fun!" Steve (my fiancé) was able to get us in the stadium due to his colleague's wife, Amy, who works for Hamilton County in Paul Brown Stadium. 

Since Steve had been so casual about our plans that day, I did not think twice about it that he was planning to propose and had this grand plan. We met Amy at the pro-shop at about 2pm on Friday and began our tour. About an hour went by, and the last part of the stadium left for us to see was to go down on the field. Steve knows me so well, that he knew once we got down to the field I would ask for pictures of us - which I did. Amy offered to take pictures and mentioned that we should go down to the 50 yard line. We started taking normal pictures, and then Steve said, "let's take a funny one." Once I was about to get in my funny picture pose, he started to reach into his pocket and get down on one knee! Needless to say I about fell over - with shock, happiness, and joy! Steve had the entire thing planned with Amy for weeks. And come to find out the Bengals don't even give private tours in the Winter (I had no idea!)

Getting engaged at Paul Brown was no only an awesome proposal, but it's extremely significant to mine and Steve's relationship since we met in college at a bar while watching the Bengals play the Steelers on Monday night football - so Steve said he knew that he wanted our proposal to be Bengals themed.. but I didn't know he would go that BIG! Needless to say, 12/19/14 to date was the best day of my life (which I am sure will change after our wedding day on August 29th, 2015!)



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