A Passion for Precision Medicine

Brooke E. Phillips, M.D.

Photo by Catie Viox


She is the latest medical oncologist to join the St. Elizabeth Healthcare cancer combat team, a high-caliber physician with a passion for precision medicine.

“At St. Elizabeth, our focus is not to treat each cancer patient the same but, based on genomic testing of tumors, better target each patient’s care,” says Brooke E. Phillips, MD, Director of Precision Medicine. “Our goal is to provide personalized treatment by honing in on what is the best treatment for each individual cancer patient.”

Examining a cancer’s hereditary components as well as considering pharmacogenetics – the effect of genetic factors on an individual’s reactions to drugs – are also integral to St. Elizabeth’s arsenal of targeted cancer treatment approaches.

“Combining knowledge about a patient’s specific tumor, family history and how he or she metabolizes certain medications, helps us determine and offer the best cancer treatment and care possible,” Dr. Phillips continues. “Most health centers are moving in that direction.”

The upcoming construction and opening of a brand new six-story, multi-disciplinary cancer center on St. Elizabeth’s Edgewood campus represents the culmination of years of work and planning on the part of the St. Elizabeth Healthcare Board of Trustees and Executive Leadership. Designed totally with the patient in mind, the center will include a hereditary risk clinic, designed for patients with a family history of cancer. The center’s opening is slated for 2020.

“We are so excited to see our precision medicine program building right as we are pursuing the goal of building THE destination cancer center for the patients of our region,” says Dr. Doug Flora, Medical Oncologist, President of St. Elizabeth’s Medical Staff and Interim Cancer Center Medical Director. “It has already helped in the recruitment of amazing physicians like Dr. Phillips to our team. Recruiting ‘magnet physicians’ like her will not only help in the daily care of these deserving patients, but will also drive cutting edge medicine with targeted therapies, clinical trials and research. These recruits will push us all to provide the best possible cancer care here at St. Elizabeth.”

Furthermore, St. Elizabeth recently announced its affiliation with the University of Kentucky’s Markey Cancer Center, meaning the healthcare provider’s patients will receive the newest targeted drugs more expediently.

Dr. Phillips describes St. Elizabeth’s new center as a state-of-the-art, one-stop shop. “Imaging, mammograms, biopsies, surgeons, social workers all in one place is the best possible scenario for cancer patients.” 


For more information about St. Elizabeth Healthcare, visit www.stelizabeth.com/precision-medicine.