A New Direction for a Historic Brand

Photography provided by Rookwood Pottery

Rookwood Pottery is undergoing a transformation. The world renowned pottery company is transitioning into a lifestyle brand intent on targeting a broader demographic. Although the company will continue production of their well-known signature items, the future promises to provide a wide array of new products, fresh for today’s tastes.

“Our goal is to create beautiful objects that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but full of functionality,” says Micah Carroll, chief executive officer of Rookwood Pottery. “Years ago, a beautiful vase on the mantel was an impressive statement of affluence. Today, however, consumers are interested in being able to utilize their purchases as well as enjoy them. We are definitely excited about the transition to a more functional future here at Rookwood. However, one thing will never change – our new product lines will always be inspired by the rich heritage of our past.”  

One of the first new items slated for this transition is a dinnerware line. It will be the first created in more than 100 years. The plate mold was originally created in 1921 by one of the original potters at Rookwood Pottery.

“To our knowledge the plate has never been released,” says Carroll. “We decided to start with this plate because it honors both the past and future of Rookwood with its sleek and modern design. We will be adding large handmade platters, gorgeous bowls, cheese boards – essentially everything for the table and home.  We’ll be creating items that are not only fresh and current, but also timeless in design.”

Named for John D. Wareham who originally created the plate, the Wareham Collection will be available in May, just in time for Mother’s Day. The plate is finished in their elegant vellum glaze and will be offered in three shades and sizes. A two-plate set will comprise the standard, however an additional large size will be available for use as charger or serving dish. 

In addition to the new line of dinnerware and accompanying serving pieces, Rookwood will offer an exciting new line of home décor. “We’re small enough to remain handmade and current, but we’re large enough to offer our product on a retail level,” says Carroll. “Combine that with our world renowned reputation for quality, made right here in Cincinnati USA, and you can say with a great degree of certainty – we’re destined for success.”

Rookwood Pottery is located at 1920 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. You can reach them at 800.537.1605, by email at info@rookwood.com or visit their website at www.rookwood.com.