A Modern Engagement

It seems like a sheer coincidence that Jordan and I first met in 2010 at Murray State University. After both growing up in Louisville, Kentucky and unknowingly crossing paths on several occasions, we both chose to attend and run cross country for the same college. Our relationship that began as teammates quickly grew to friendship and dating. It was during this dating period that I lost my favorite bracelet that I had worn every day for years.

When Jordan graduated, he moved to Cincinnati for graduate school at the University of Cincinnati. Living in the Gaslight District and working at Children's Hospital he frequently walked past Paolo's shop. As our dating anniversary was approaching, Jordan wanted to replace the bracelet I lost. However, he could not find an exact replica (it was authentic and made/purchased in Chile) and decided that if he couldn't find the same bracelet he would just have to make a new one.

He stopped by Paolo's while walking home from work and went in to discuss the possibility of recreating my lost bracelet. Paolo's recreation of the bracelet was phenomenal: it still had the old South American design with a modern edge.

After experiencing Paolo's craftsmanship first hand, Jordan started consulting Paolo with a bigger project in mind; an engagement ring. The ring Jordan and Paolo created is stunning and suits me perfectly. Jordan was so excited to give it to me that he blew off his original plans and proposed the first chance he got seemingly out of the blue early one morning back in March.

Since then, I have graduated and followed Jordan to Cincinnati. There was never any doubt that we would trust Paolo with the next exciting step; designing wedding bands! We trust his opinion and expertise implicitly and could never imagine starting this adventure with the help of any other jeweler. While Paolo has made designing our rings so easy, unfortunately the rest of the planning has been far more stressful and we're eager and excited to attend Venue Magazine's Bridal Event and meet with vendors and to hear from the best in business!