A Marriage of Design

Builder: Zicka Homes. Contractor: Howard’s Construction. Woodwork: C & W Woodworking. AV: Master Piece Audio, Video & Automation.

Photography by Greg Grupenhof


After getting married on May 20, 2015, Frank and Lori Wright were ready to merge their households. Lori had a home in Anderson Township and Frank had a unit at the McAlpin downtown. The newlyweds loved the location and amenities the McAlpin offered, but Frank’s bachelor pad was too small. The couple decided to purchase a larger unit in the West Fourth Street building and design it as their own. 

The couple was introduced to the design team at Dwellings through Adam Perkins of Masterpiece Audio Video in Fort Wright. 

“It was really important for us to get Lori and Frank’s vibe,” says Grace Jones, owner and lead interior designer of Dwellings. “It’s hard for a client to articulate what they want, but it’s easier for them to tell us how they want a room to feel. They both said, ‘As expansive and as big as this project was, it was very important for it to be a warm home because it is their home at the end of the day.’ ”

It was important to the couple that each of their tastes were represented, especially since it is their first home together. 

“They (Frank and Lori) are two different personalities, so we had to find a way to bring their personalities together in the design,” says Jeffrey Geoberti, interior designer. Jones adds, “Since the project wasn’t a new build – it was a rehab – there were restrictions from old construction and pipes that we had to deal with. Working off of a vacant space and blueprints, it was challenging helping Lori and Frank get the vision.” 

One of the first projects the designers tackled was finding a location for Frank’s office. It originally had three computer monitors, three printers and a plethora of office equipment that needed to be tucked away. Geoberti took lead on the project and reconfigured what was originally a small walk-in closet on the blueprints and transformed it into a suitable office by taking space from the guest bathroom and Lori’s closet. 

“This was the first project of their concerns that Jeff tackled because we wanted to put it to bed, so Jeff spent months working on it. He worked with Beverly Simon at California Closets who helped complete the task,” says Jones.  

As the vast project unfolded a concept emerged. “We wanted to create a Chicago rehabbed loft – a lot of old world architectural elements with contemporary furnishings,” says Jones. “So we wanted to make sure that there was a lot of woodworking details – ceilings, moldings and the doors.”

The doors were a huge undertaking. Frank and Lori loved the open floor plan concept and the ability to have a lot of light throughout the space, but they also needed privacy. So Dwellings came up with the idea of adding shoji doors created by C&W Custom Woodworking. The doors were installed between the couple’s master bedroom and library. 

“We’re here to bring together all of the details,” says Geoberti. “One of the biggest benefits of hiring a designer is that we know the ins and outs of dealing with contractors. The client doesn’t have to worry about the details because that’s what we’re here for. A perfect example is the placement of outlets.”

The couple officially moved in October and say they couldn’t be happier. 

“Our home has come together better than expected. We’re still in awe every time we walk in – we just love it,” says Lori. “Dwellings really gets to know and understand you. They do their best to come up with a final product that you will absolutely love. They are always available and more than eager to help.”

Dwellings is located at 2003 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45208. You can reach them at 513.321.6900 or visit their website at www.dwellingsonmadison.com.