A Little Maintenance Gives a Long Life

Automatic Gates Plus

Photography by Wes Battoclette


Winter is fast approaching, although that can be hard to believe when fall has begun with a string of humid 90 degree days. Gates require winter maintenance, and some more than others. Swing gates require the least amount of maintenance – just ensuring the hinges move freely, and that the gate path is clear of debris, snow and ice. A gate should not be used to plow heavy snow out of the driveway. If you have ever shoveled snow, you know how heavy a shovel-full can get – now imagine a shovel that is eight feet wide. The amount of weight from the snow can break an operator or, at the very least, take years off the life of the operator. 

Slide gates require a little more maintenance because chains, rollers and trucks all need to be lubed regularly. However, they have a much smaller path to be cleared of snow and ice. Refer to your maintenance manual for a maintenance schedule or call a gate expert like Automatic Gates Plus to get the type of maintenance and/or the type of lube needed for each item. 

Another concern with gate operators is the control box for linear arm operators and the operator box for free standing operators. These boxes get warm in the winter and become a very inviting place for critters such as mice, squirrels, chipmunks and even snakes. Mothballs placed in the bottom of the box can help prevent nesting animals, but the boxes should be checked regularly and any nests found should be removed; this will be the best preventative measure for future issues. Nesting animals create havoc in an operator by chewing wires or making connections that can short out a control board. A little preventive cleaning will keep the animals from setting up a residence in your operator. 

Your gate will provide you with many years of service if maintained properly. Automatic Gates Plus offers a Preventative Maintenance (PM) Schedule to take the worry away from customers. You can call AGP to get your gate on their PM schedule.  As always, AGP is here to help you maintain your automatic gate, including free phone tech support for our existing and potential customers.

Automatic Gates Plus is located at 10866 State Route 774, Hamersville, OH 45130. You can reach them at 877.914.4283, by email at cborders_agp@msn.com or visit their website at www.automaticgatesplusllc.com.