A Hometown Force

Photo by Jon Keeling


As a Harvard graduate, Jane Timken is not only the current Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, but also the first woman in Ohio’s history to serve as Chairman. Though she is a Cincinnati native, Timken now works in Columbus, advocating for the Republican Party.

“I am from Cincinnati, though l now live in Canton and work in Columbus. My dad taught at The University of Cincinnati law school for 30 years. I’m a hometown girl, definitely,” says Timken. “When I am in Cincinnati I like to reconnect with folks who want to be engaged in the party. Part of my mission is to let people know that the Republican Party in Ohio is an open door. I believe in doing good for our community and if you believe in that too, let’s work together. That is my philosophy.”

When asked what she could look back on and feel great about this season, Timken points to strengthening the Republican Party.

“I want to make sure the party is strong. We had a great event with Charlie Winburn. I told them, ‘I’m here just to listen.’ We have a lot to offer. Much of the crowd was African American, which was a great opportunity to let them know that I am here to listen,” says Timken. “African Americans have a strong voice. They have a great connection to the values of the Republican Party. I want to make sure I value that voice and want to hear from them. If we are going to move the needle for Ohio, we have to offer that all of the time, not just during election times.”

When asked what she would like people to know about her, Timken says, “That I am a hard worker. That I am dedicated to the party, that I care about our communities and that I always try to do the right thing. Plus, I am kind of competitive. I can be very kind but I am also a tough lady. Being in politics I have learned that you can’t take everything personally. I have a kind heart but a strong will. I am a Cincinnati person.”