A Gateway to Lawrenceburg

Photography by Wes Battoclette

Most people enjoy escaping from their day-to-day responsibilities to a place filled with relaxation and excitement. Many people, however, don’t enjoy the process and expense of planning and traveling to long-distance destinations. A quick trip somewhere close can do wonders to rejuvenate a person, couple or family. In addition, you can make that trip more frequently.

“Focusing and planning on the big trip seems to be a million miles away,” says Scott Saunders, vice president and general manager of Hollywood Casino. “We need weekend trips to keep us going.” The trick is discovering destinations that offer amazing experiences and amenities capable of generating relaxation and enjoyment within a short stay.

Lawrenceburg, Indiana is gaining popularity as an extraordinary destination to experience, presenting a variety of activities from gaming to antiquing, dining to cycling and winery tours to hiking. The city of Lawrenceburg has made a significant investment to become the premier destination for not only Cincinnati businesses and residents, but those from Indianapolis, Louisville, Dayton and Columbus as well.

The opening of the Doubletree by Hilton & Lawrenceburg Event Center in 2014 has become the anchor needed to pull many of the new activities together. Now, as Saunders says, “We have something new to the area that has not been done before. We want people to see they have a reason to come to this area of Indiana because we have a viable center, a great place to see a concert and enjoy great restaurants. Downtown Lawrenceburg is growing, and seeing us as an anchor for that growth.”

The Doubletree by Hilton & Lawrenceburg Event Center is a stunning, state-of-the-art facility. “This is a kind of a building that people don’t expect to see,” says Shannon Perron, Hollywood Casino’s vice president of marketing. “It has a small-town feel, with first-class service, events and amenities.”

The $50 million complex houses an 18,000-square-foot exhibition/concert facility, 7,500-square-foot ballroom and 12,000-square feet of meeting and board rooms, as well as a 150-seat restaurant and bar and a 168-room hotel. All of this located in a single, convenient location just 25 minutes from downtown Cincinnati and a short walk from its complementary facility, the Hollywood Casino.

People enjoy the aesthetics of historic buildings and quaint downtowns coupled with the comforts of modern amenities. “Lawrenceburg has a beautiful downtown, but this hotel is much different than everything else around,” says Saunders. “As you drive in you see these old, beautiful buildings, but you didn’t expect to see lights, glitter and glass. When we tell people we have a Doubletree and a beautiful event center, they don’t know what to think about it until they experience it.”

Regardless of the season, the area around the hotel and event center offers diverse activities for people to appreciate. The casino is a large draw for the hotel and event center’s guests, but Saunders says, “We are more than a casino. There is no issue with bringing your children here. Doubletree is a family brand.”

During the winter, the hotel functions as home base for skiers, snowboarders and snow-tubers. “In the winter make us your ski lodge,” says Perron. “We offer quite a few ski packages to Perfect North Slopes, so spend the evenings on the slopes and call it a night at the hotel.”

As the seasons change, take in the beautiful surroundings. Drive the country roads and wind up at one of the two wineries within a 45-minute drive. Or take a distillery tour while whiskey is still trendy, and then return to the world-class accommodations the Doubletree offers.

“In the warmer months the city does a lot of activities as well,” says Perron. “Enjoy wine walks and local restaurants in a quaint, friendly town.” Hop on the levy for a 3-mile run or a 10-mile bicycle ride. Or watch a movie at the city’s 10-screen, first-run theater located just minutes away.

One doesn’t need to venture far from the hotel to relax. When first arriving, Saunders suggests checking in the hotel and experiencing the comfort of the room, sit at the hotel bar or an outdoor space to enjoy a cocktail or a glass of sweet tea. “Let everything roll off the top of you and relax,” he says.

Make a reservation at Final Cut at the Hollywood Casino for later in the evening. Go a bit early and gamble a little, experiencing a taste of what the casino has to offer. Enjoy an amazing steak or seafood dinner and listen to live music on the casino floor. Catch a shuttle or walk back to the hotel before calling it a night.

Lawrenceburg has much to share with Greater Cincinnati residents. The Doubletree by Hilton & Lawrenceburg Event Center didn’t create the charm that the city offers; it simply provides the world-class accommodations necessary to enjoy what Lawrenceburg delivers. “We give people the opportunity to get away with a brand new facility with amazing amenities without having to break the bank, deal with an airport, schedule a trip and worry about the weather,” says Saunders. “They can come here and really feel that they got away and go back to work on Monday feeling refreshed.”

Lawrenceburg will continue to add attractions; but the Doubletree by Hilton & Lawrenceburg Event Center is already here. No more development is needed to enjoy what it has to offer right now.

“Lawrenceburg is still growing and developing, but this amazing facility is here and ready,” Saunders says. “You don’t have to wait to enjoy it. You don’t have to drive through construction. It is open and ready for you.”

Sounds like the right place for a much needed getaway.

  • 18,000-square-foot exhibition or concert facility
  • 7,500-square-foot ballroom
  • 2,000-square-feet of meeting rooms and board rooms
  • 150-seat restaurant and bar
  • 168-room hotel connected to event center
  • 15 minutes from the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport
  • 25 minutes from downtown Cincinnati

The Doubletree by Hilton & Lawrenceburg Event Center is located at 91 Walnut Street, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025. You can reach them at 888.274.6797 or visit their website at www.thelawrenceburgeventcenter.com.

For more information about Hollywood Casino, visit their website at www.hollywoodindiana.com