A Five-Star Experience

Photography provided by Justin Doyle Homes


Justin Doyle Homes is among Cincinnati’s premier home builders, with a commitment to quality products, peak standards and customer service that exceeds expectations. A recent winner of the prestigious LEAD Emerging Business Award, Doyle takes great pride in the consistent delivery of excellence he and his staff have maintained in an ever-growing business.

“We pride ourselves on being the highest quality builder in Cincinnati,” he says. “My family’s built over 1,500 homes, and that allows the customer the security that we know what we’re doing.”

But it’s even more than the decades of experience and Ohio’s longest warranties that makes the Doyle family’s homes special. As a LEED certified builder using consistent, quality products as standard features, customers save several hundred dollars per month in utility costs.

“It’s important to us to save our customer’s money,” Doyle says. “Not only are you saving money on your utility bills, but you’re going to have a home that will continue to gain value. We only use the latest and greatest products in our homes and that carries over to increased equity for our homeowners.”

By investing in high-end products like premium-grade lumber, windows and R21 insulation by nearly doubling the amount of insulation from the industry standard, Doyle and his team provide a much more efficient home. Justin Doyle Homes goal is to provide that five-star experience for years beyond just the contract and construction periods.

“Our customers’ perception of us is continuing to get higher even after they close [on] the home,” Doyle says. “I have gotten more thank-you letters from customers a year to two years down the road saying, ‘My gosh, I had no idea how low our energy bills were going to be on our home!’”

A start-to-finish five-star experience is at the heart of every choice Doyle and his staff make. “My whole idea of growth is not measured by money. If I can continue to get a five-star rating from my clients, that’s when I know I’m doing something well,” he says. “The second I even get a four-star, we have a requirement by our management team to meet to make sure it never happens again.”

Whether clients prefer to build in an established community or on a privately owned site, Doyle says his team has both the experience and willingness to work out a plan. “We have premium communities around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We would be happy to give clients a personal walk of the site and give them an idea of how the home could sit on the lot,” he says. “Or if [they] have a scattered site that they’d like to build on, we’d love to schedule a time to come out and see it.”

Ultimately, the priority is always to make the home building experience something positive and rewarding for Justin Doyle Homes’ clients.

“My primary focus for our customers right now is creating that five-star experience. Ahead of money, ahead of growth and recognition, it’s the end of the job where we’re doing a reveal and the customer is saying, ‘Thank you, this was an amazing experience.’” 


Justin Doyle Homes is located at 6154 Trotters Way, Liberty Township, OH 45011. For more information, call 513.455.2111 or visit justindoylehomes.com.