A Fall Foliage Proposal

Story submitted by Lynn Lorio

The day was Wednesday, November 11, 2015 and Stephen & I happened to both be off of work. It was a beautiful day - sunny, blue skies, and cool crisp air that would’ve been a shame to spend indoors. Thus, we ventured outside to Mt. Airy Forest, our favorite place in the city to take our dog Bruno on a hike.

Rather than sticking to the same trail we normally take, I insisted we take the Stepping Stone trail, one we had never ventured on. He was reluctant at first but eventually agreed. The sound of the small stream that flowed along the trail and the lush forest hues of orange, red, and brown reminded us that Fall had officially arrived. We had reached a part of the trail at the bottom of a hill clearly marked by stepping stones. This hill was unlike the gradual ones we were accustomed to, but rather an unforgiving sharp climb to the top. We made our ascent above and were welcome with the beautiful sweeping views from atop of the forest. Stephen suggested we stop here, stretch, and take a breather before continuing on and I happily agreed.

10-15 minutes had passed when I suggested we wrap things up and make our way back. I started to gather our things and Stephen who had been sitting on the ground appeared to be getting up but quickly transitioned on one knee. He grabbed me by the waist and sat me on his leg. I looked at him very confused and curious to what he was doing and thought he was just being his usual silly self waiting for horseplay to ensue.

Instead, an unexpected sense of seriousness emerged as the words “Will you make me the happiest….” came out of his mouth followed by what I can’t exactly recall because things became instantly blurry by the shock of what I quickly realized was happening that in no way was I at all expecting. My suspicions were quickly confirmed by the colorful green box he had in his hand that he opened revealing a beautiful engagement 

ring. My response to this was probably not the one he was looking for - uncontrollable giggling coupled with tears of emotion trying to get a grip of what was happening at that moment. I somehow snapped out of the blurriness and with joy of course said “YES”. We hugged, cried, and captured the blissful moment with a selfie, Bruno included. 

I really can’t put into words how surprised I was. There was no change in his behavior that day that would’ve led me to believe he was going to propose. Up to that point we had only casually talked marriage. We knew it would happen eventually but how and when had never been discussed. Little did I know he was holding onto a ring for the last four months he secretly kept tucked away in his sock drawer. I would learn that the ring was his grandmother’s that Stephen’s mother had given to him for the occasion that made our engagement even more special. 

I was curious why he waited as long as he had from the time he first got the ring to when he finally proposed. He told me that he wanted to wait for the right time when when the weather was right which for him was the Fall, his favorite season. And even then he didn’t have a set plan on how he was going to propose. He woke up that morning feeling it was the right time and by chance us ending up at the top of the Stepping Stone path where he proposed surprisingly worked in his favor and in my book was just simply perfect.